Horror October: Week 1 Recap

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on October 10, 2016 | 0 Comments


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Okay, so I had a little recap in yesterday’s Heartbeat Weekly, but after thinking about it I decided I’d really like to do a separate post for these. Also, I want to add a linky to give everyone a chance to link their Horror October related posts!

Week 1 recap

What I read


Sadly the only book I finished was Solitary. I’m about 40 pages into The Hallowed Ones right now, though, and it’s really good so far!

What I watched

the-shallows american-horror-story-hotel-logo

I was pretty impressed with The Shallows, it ended up being really good! I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it, since movies like that are hit or miss for me. Also because the plot of the movie is basically “woman stuck on rock” for over an hour, which doesn’t exactly sound exciting. But they did a GREAT job with the suspense factor! It did start a little slow, because it gives you a little background on the MC’s life. But the shark scenes were INTENSE!

AHS, on the other hand…eeeek. I only watched episode 1, and it was really disturbing. And not in the way that I like. View Spoiler » Just…..ew. Awkward. I’m not sure I really want to watch it after that lol!

Posts on the blog

top-10-villains growing-on-me

Link up!

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