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It’s pretty awesome that this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is villains, because I had originally planned a Horror October discussion about my favorite villains for tomorrow! So I’m combining Horror October and Top Ten Tuesday for this week :D

I’m splitting today’s list up into two parts: villains that are my favorite because I love them, and villains that are my favorite because they are bad bad bad and make the perfect awful villain and I hate them. I NEED BALANCE OKAY.

Villains I Love


1. Loki (Marvel/Norse mythology)

I freaking LOVE Loki. Maybe it’s just Tom Hiddleston as him, but I can’t get enough Loki. He is my favorite villain ever! I love the tricks he plays, but more so the fact that he is a multi-faceted character.



2. Warner (Shatter Me)

I admit, this is kind of cheating. View Spoiler »  (And I honestly didn’t fall for him until Unravel Me!) But as far as actual human characters go, Warner is my #1 ALL TIME FAVORITE male character. EVER. (I said human characters because Buruu, Grimalkin, and Mr. Kindly would beat him any day but they are all animals XD)



3. Jackal (Blood of Eden)

Like Warner, Jackal from the Blood of Eden series is one of my all time favorite male human (well, sorta) characters! He’s more of an antihero than an actual villain though, because he still has redeeming qualities. He was my favorite character from Blood of Eden, I just love his sarcasm! He cracks me up!



4. Hook (Once Upon a Time)

That guyliner. WOOF. I don’t even care that he’s an ass (or at least he was when I was watching), he can totally do villainous things to me any day *waggles eyebrows*

I may have had way too much fun searching images for him. *coughs* Don’t tell my boyfriend.



5. The Darkling (The Grisha)

I actually didn’t even like the Grisha books. In fact, The Darkling is pretty much the ONLY thing I liked about them. He a super interesting and intriguing character! View Spoiler »

Villains I Hate


1. Scar (Lion King)

The Lion King is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE EVER. And I hate Scar just as much after seeing it 8347501847 times as I did the first time I ever saw it. He gets more horrible every time I hear his awful voice snarl “I killed Mufasa!” Worst. Lion. Ever. (And ugliest too haha)



2. President Snow (The Hunger Games)

When I think of book villains, Snow is the first that comes to mind. He’s not nearly as horrible (and creepy) in the movies as he was in the books. (Maybe it’s an imagination thing, my brain made him even worse!) He’s such a snake; and the worst part is he tried to hide cruelty under genteelness.



3. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)

Okay so she’s most definitely not my favorite anything, but she makes the list because she’s a character that I love to hate. I despise that awful woman SO. MUCH. Between her and Voldemort, I’d choose Voldy any day.

4. Gaston (Beauty & the Beast)

Oh, how I despise Gaston. He’s the epitome of every worst trait of chauvinistic men – such a boorish, overbearing, narcissistic, controlling little pig. I cringe every time I watch that movie when he talks about Belle marrying him!



5. Thiago (Daughter of Smoke & Bone)

I don’t remember much about Days of Blood and Starlight, but I remember this asshole. OH, I REMEMBER HIM. View Spoiler » Heinous creature…

(Disclaimer: don’t be fooled by the beautiful wolf photo. I only chose that because he goes by the title “white wolf.” There is, in fact, nothing beautiful nor majestic about him; he is an epic douche canoe and a monster)


Who are your favorite villains?

Jessi (Geo)

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12 responses to “[Horror October] Top Ten Tuesday: Villains

  1. Scar! *cries* My 3 year old watched The Lion King for the first time last weekend. After that horrible, horrible scene he asked us if Mufasa was just sleeping. It broke my heart all over again. :'(

  2. Eeep, I love your list! I LOVE VILLAINS AND IT’S PROBABLY A WORRY. But I either love them because they’re tragic or I love to hate them. <– that makes perfect sense I'm sure. Snow is actually such an intriguing villain. I want to know WHY he did all he did to become ruler. Like I do love how the movies added his granddaughter in…it kind of made me think. Like Snow has a family and things he loves and yet he's totally despicable. I WOULD READ A PREQUEL SERIES ON HIM TBH. *nods* (Yeah, I'm worried about me too.) And I love Loki and Warner and I really want to watch OUAT because of Hook. heh.

    • NOT AT ALL. You can totally be balanced and love fictional villains ;) (Or at least that’s what I tell myself to make myself feel better) YES DEFINITELY. I would love to see his backstory! I was really into OUAT (although he was obviously my favorite part *waggles eyebrows*) but sadly I stopped watching because I missed the first episode of season 3 and for some reason never continued…

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