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make me read it

The Make Me Read It Readathon is hosted by The Innocent Smiley and Tea & Titles. You can sign up HERE, and follow along with the #makemereadit hashtag on Twitter!

Basically, you take a poll and everyone else gets to decide what you should read. I love this idea! Brilliant! *claps hands*

The vote

Okay, so here’s what my final poll results looked like:


As you can see, CoHF won by a freaking tidal wave!!

The books

city of heavenly fire stars above marissa meyer dorothy must die

My goal: 3 books OR 1,200 pages

I’d set it higher, but let’s be honest here. With City of Heavenly fire being a 700 page behemoth, I’ll be lucky to get that far! So I’m making my goal 3 books OR 1,200 pages. That’s a bit more manageable for me with a full time job, boyfriend, a small zoo, and a house to keep up with haha. If I can get to Star-Touched Queen, epic, if not, no biggie. No pressure, just read! I don’t do well with pressure *sheepish grin*


Saturday & Sunday: Still finishing Nevernight, didn’t get any reading done for the readathon
Pages read: 0 that count >.<

Monday: Started City of Heavenly Fire, made it to page 140
Pages read: 140

Tuesday: Still reading CoHF, made it to page 419
Pages read: 279

Wednesday: Finished CoHF
Pages read: 306

Thursday: Started Stars Above, made it to page 240
Pages read: 240

Friday: Finished Stars Above; Started Dorothy Must Die, made it to page 62
Pages read: 191

Saturday: Finished Dorothy Must Die
Pages read: 390

Final progress

Total pages read: 1,546

Books finished: 3 – City of Heavenly Fire, Stars Above, Dorothy Must Die


I am so unbelievably proud of myself for actually making it through all three books this week (and that’s starting two days late!). Even more proud that I read a 700 page book in 3 days, and knocked out nearly 400 pages in one day alone! *pats self on back*


Jessi (Geo)

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