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Books I got this week

book haul

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Still stocking up my audio library. I’m super excited for All the Bright Places!!



Weekly Recap

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Blog news:

I am SUPER ahead on posts! Weeeeeee! I have a post in every slot I need all the way through March – 15 scheduled (reviews/Life of a Blogger/discussions) and 10 drafts (weekly wrap-ups/upcoming reads). It feels AWESOME.

Lately I have been seriously obsessing over my first favorite series, The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass! I don’t know why but it’s all I’ve been able to think about all week. It’s really distracting me from my current reads (especially ACOTAR). I can remember basically everything about the series, and I’ll find myself drifting off, thinking about the characters and the world and trying to remember as much as possible about it. I so want to dive back into that world! I’m far enough ahead in my reviews that I think I might drop everything and just take a couple of weeks to binge read that series (there’s 6 books and they’re all 600-700 pages). Have you guys ever had that problem? Where you couldn’t think about anything else but re-reading a favorite book or series?

What I’ve been up to this week:

Basically nothing. Oh, I did reserve a signed copy of Fairest because I couldn’t make it to the signing yesterday! I just have to drive down to Cinci to pick it up, whenever I feel like a road trip XD

A little rant…
I had Amazon Prime last year, and I’ve had an alert on my account for the past couple of weeks saying my payment method was invalid (I got a new card) and if I didn’t update, my Prime account wouldn’t renew. I left it be, because I wasn’t planning on renewing until I had the extra money for it. I was just going to let it run out. Well, yesterday I got a call from Wright Patt warning me that there might be “fraudulent activity” on my account. So, I go to check and…behold, Amazon charged my DEBIT card $99. Not my credit card, my actual bank account. Thank God I had just been paid, so there was enough to cover it – but if Wright Patt hadn’t called me, I wouldn’t have known and would have overdrawn when I went grocery shopping. If I hadn’t had enough in there, I would have overdrawn. And been charged a $30 overdraft fee in addition to the $99. I was PISSED. What gives them the right to take it upon themselves to charge whatever the hell payment option on my account that they want to?! I went and checked my Prime membership and it still said “no payment method linked.” So they actually got into my Amazon account and pulled my debit card to charge it. Leaving me with NO money. It’s okay, Amazon, I don’t need groceries. Or gas. For two weeks.

I emailed customer service and hadn’t received an answer after an hour (which is really not that long, but when you’re in panic mode it feels like it). I called the number Wright Patt gave me and chose the option that I didn’t authorize the payment. All that did was lock my debit card. Another problem, yay. Finally I chose to chat with Amazon customer service and was able to cancel Prime and get a full refund. Unfortunately, the refund takes 2-3 business days to process, so I probably won’t have it back until Wednesday. *angry sigh*

I am very unhappy with Amazon. Yes, it’s fixed, but that was a LOT of stress for me. I was crying because I didn’t have any money left and the bank was closed so I couldn’t tell them to block the transaction. Then I got even more upset because of being poor to the point that this is such a huge deal. Money stresses me out, and I tend to dwell on it a lot. We can afford some cheaper frivolities from time to time, but a lot of times we struggle just to get groceries. I don’t want a nice sports car, or expensive clothing. I just want the peace of mind knowing that there’s extra money when we need it. If something happens to the house – God forbid, the furnace breaks down, or we have a pipe burst, or something – I want to be like, “No worries, we have enough to cover it” instead of scrambling and stressing on how to scrape up $600 and what we’ll have to give up to get it. It’s such a horrible feeling, worrying about that all the time.

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

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9 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (51)

  1. Oh man that really sucks about Amazon Prime! They really should do something so you get your money sooner. I mean, it was their mistake. Ugh, awful customer service.

    • Yeah :( I’m just glad it’s fixed. But still, when I told the person I didn’t think I’d use Amazon in the future, all she could say was sorry. I’m not looking for handouts, but it would have been nice to be compensated for their mistake after all that panicking!

  2. Those masks from A court of thorns and roses are so pretty (and the book is simply magical) I know that feeling where you are so obsessed with something, you can’t think about anything else and you can’t move on to something new. I saw your rant on Twitter and poeh, Amazon sure screws things up every now and then. I’m sorry it gave you so much stress :(

    • I know!! I kind of want one, just to have it. It’s not mine, though, so I have to pass it along :(
      Ugh, well at least it’s fixed now, right? Thanks for stopping by Mel! <3

  3. Aw! *huggle* It sucks that Amazon did that to you and made you more stressed! They really shouldn’t be allowed to randomly choose a card if the preferred one doesn’t go through. After seeing your tweets, I immediately removed extra cards from my account just to be safe.

    I really liked Just One Day! I had a bit of an issue with it, but overall I nearly loved it! If that makes any sense. :P

    • Ugh, right? I removed my debit card so they can’t do anything like that again. I really want to find an alternative place to shop online, but there’s really nowhere that cheap :(

      I’m kind of nervous to read it…it has a lot of glowing reviews and I tend to be the black sheep. Plus, I very rarely read contemp and I kinda have to be in the mood for it! We shall see :)

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