The (I Hate) Taylor Swift Book Tag

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on January 28, 2015 | 13 Comments

Okay, so it’s no secret that I can’t STAND Taylor Swift. (No, seriously, she makes me want to vomit. When her songs come on the radio, I want to drive my car off a bridge.) Which is why the devious Nova @ Out of Time tagged me to do this. *glares*

I don’t ever do tag posts here on Novel Heartbeat, but the idea is kind of cool. It would just be better with Avenged Sevenfold songs instead of Taylor Swift ones. (I’d make one like that, but I’m too lazy. <– I decided to make one after all, stay tuned!) Soooo *heaves a sigh of displeasure* I’m indulging you, bloggy niece. FEEL SPECIAL. (I mean, obviously you’re special or I wouldn’t be doing this. But don’t get a big head about it or anything.)

And NO, I am not putting a picture of her crappy face on my blog post.

*clears throat* Without further ado…

back together

I loved the first book, but the series really went downhill. I still want to know how it ends, but don’t have a lot of drive to read the last book.



2 red

And yes, the story inside is just as good as the cover :D



3 best day

I read this series back in high school and it was my gateway to high fantasy. I’ve been DYING for a re-read!



4 love story



5 trouble

JACKAL!!! I love him so :)



I don’t have a book for this one because I am SUPER careful to avoid spoilers like the plague because I hate them.


divider7 everything has changed

hated Lainey in the beginning. She changed soo drastically by the ending!


divider8 belong w me

I am DYING for this book!!!


divider9 forever

Warner and Juliette are my OTP ;)


divider10 begin again

I tried this one before it came out because I had a review copy. It may have just been a mood thing, but I couldn’t get into it. I’ve heard SUCH great things about this series and really want to try again!


divider11 wonderland

Coincidentally, a story about Wonderland. I am so in love with the twisted world!


dividerlast kiss

I can’t live my life without Buruu. I CAN’T. *cries*


divider13 clean

If only so it can quit stringing me along. Most disappointing series ending EVER.


dividerwildest dreams



divider15 enchanted

I stumbled on this one at this awesome used bookstore right at the Florida state line coming out of Georgia (everything is $3!). I had already read the Fever series and loved it, so when I saw Karen’s name, I jumped on it (not realizing it was part of a series). And LOVED it! Even today, this is my favorite book in the series.


divider16 stay

I loooove these covers so much! I really want to try again.



The people I choose to share in my misery are:

Jessi (Geo)

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13 responses to “The (I Hate) Taylor Swift Book Tag

  1. Haha, I love that you dislike Taylor Swift just as much as I do! And you like Avenged Sevenfold, too? AWH YES, you are my kind of person :3
    It seems a lot of people ended up fed-up with Hush, Hush. I really wanted to read it back when I first heard of it but now I’m not so sure if I’ll ever pick the series up. I was also super disappointed with the ending of the Mara Dyer series – it definitely left a lot to be desired. I very nearly DNF’d Falling Kingdoms, too; I think it had way more potential but ended up too dumbed-down and childish for my liking.

  2. I would like to see an A7X tag! We could have ‘Nightmare – evilest villain’, ‘City of Evil – evilest government / establishment / rulers’, ‘Welcome to the Family – favourite sibling’, see we could do this!

  3. HAHAHAHA! This is great! I hate Taylor too, what a coincidence! ;)

    I haven’t done a tag before (I don’t think), so I’m happy to share in your misery.

  4. “The people that I choose to share my misery with” MADE ME DIE. I FEEL SO SPECIAL <333 AND YES LOVE YOU TOOO!

    Your picks are pretty awesome! I LOVED Jackal <33 The only reason Shatter Me wasn't there is because I haven't read Unravel me [though I did read Destroy Me and it was AMAZING SO AMAZING]

  5. Ohh gosh, I can’t stand Taylor Swift. I do not see the appeal AT ALL! It’s even more annoying that she’s EVERYWHERE and you can’t avoid her *grrr* But YES to a A7K tag!! We need this! Or at the very least a rock/alternative/metal tag… Get some non-pop music represented, LOL!

    I loved the Splintered trilogy, and the darker version of Wonderland is so much fun to read about. And I NEED An Ember in the Ashes! It can’t be release quick enough for my liking :D

  6. LOL. I love that you did this even though you hate Taylor Swift. <3
    The Burning Sky – yes you need to give this series a second chance! It's amazing. The ship is one of the best. :D

  7. LOL! Very nice choices. YES WINNER’S CURSE!! And Hush Hush got better by Silence, but Finale was just a raging disappointment. Not even worth it, in my opinion…
    Jackal as well…great picks!! :D

  8. Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    Bwahahaa. I dont’ care for Taylor Swift either but I like the idea of the book tag. I’m reading The Immortal Rules now, I can’t wait to meet Jackal!

  9. Thanks for the tag! I’m excited to take a stab at this – but it’s going to be hard! I’m already having trouble coming up with books but I know with a little brain power I’ll come up with some good stuff :)

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