Some of You Have Book Twins…I Have Book QUADRUPLETS!

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Yep, that’s right. Quadruplets. A while back, Octavia did a discussion about book twins (I’m hers :D). I’m going to do my own, expanding on that because I now have 3 of them!

Book Quadruplet #1

Ashley @ Nose Graze. Ashley was my first ever book twin! Out of all of them, I think her and I have the most similar tastes. For a couple of years now she’s always been the first place I go when I want to decide whether or not to read a book. I mean, there’s a TON of books that we felt the same exact way about:


And many books where our ratings are similar, only varying by one star:

similar rating

[We both enjoyed The Ward and Adam and Eve, and both of those books have horrible ratings on Goodreads.] Of course, there’s also those few books that she loved that I didn’t (but with these, nearly EVERYONE loved them, I was just the black sheep):

she loved i hated

And a couple that I loved that she didn’t (I was the black sheep on Chaos of Stars):

i loved she hated



Book Quadruplet #2

Octavia @ Read.Sleep.Repeat. I discovered that we were book twins sometime at the end of last year, I think! I always check her blog or Goodreads to see if she’s read a book I’m unsure about. We tend to agree on most books, giving them the same rating…

same rating

….or a very similar rating:similar rating

[We both liked House of Ivy & Sorrow, even though it has 1 and 2 star reviews in abundance, and we both are fine with admitting that we liked Twilight!] But again, like with Ashley, there were those books I was the black sheep on that she still loved:

she loved i hated

And still a few that I enjoyed that she didn’t.

i loved she hated


Octavia knows my tastes well enough to be able to tell when we’ll disagree on a book. Case in point, I saw she rated Lailah 5 stars, and was about to go download it, and saw that book quadruplet #3 (I’ll get to her, never fear!) gave it a very poor rating. (I may have had a moment of panic: MY BOOK TWINS ARE DISAGREEING, WHAT DO I DO?!?!) Then Octavia saved the day by saying it was one I probably wouldn’t like. Crisis averted, thanks to book quadruplets.

Book Quadruplet #3

Alyssa @ Eater of Books. She’s my recently discovered book twin! While visiting a couple of books I hated on Goodreads (I can’t even remember which ones), I noticed that she was at the top of the list on both with the same exact rating. Out of curiosity, I clicked on her profile and compared books, and whaddaya know! Book twin discovered :D

We have a TON of same ratings, especially with 4 star books for some reason. I only included some because there were so many of them!

same rating

[Like with Octavia, we both enjoyed House of Ivy & Sorrow despite its 3.6 average rating. We are also both comfortable enough to admit we liked Twilight haha!] Quite a few similar ratings:

similar rating

And because no two people can ever agree on EVERYTHING, of course our opinion will vary sometimes (and again, many of those books I was the black sheep on):

i hated she loved

i loved she hated


In conclusion

Basically, if there’s something I want to read but am unsure about (which I find happens quite often these days), I go visit each of these ladies’ blogs or Goodreads to see what they thought because I trust their opinions to lead me in the right direction!

Jessi (Geo)

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14 responses to “Some of You Have Book Twins…I Have Book QUADRUPLETS!

  1. Aw, this is awesome!! I have several bookish twins, and I just trust their reviews 100%. It’s actually awesome, because it helps me know what I need to read. And we often read exactly the same books anyway, so more to discuss!!

  2. That’s soooo cool that you have other readers you have such similar tastes with! I’ve always been the odd one out and usually I feel the exact opposite of everyone I meet. I’m still hoping I meet my bookish twin, just like you’ve found yours! :)

  3. That’s awesome that you have THREE book twins! I have one that I absolutely trust without a doubt (although there are a few we disagree on) and always check GR for her rating before I buy a book. There are a few other bloggers that I’m not quite twins with, but they’re close enough that I regard their ratings just as carefully as my twin’s.

  4. OH HEY GURL HEEEEYYYYYYY!! I guess that means I’m a book quadruplet as well!! It’s funny though, I’m the “youngest” blogger of the four of us (meaning, I’ve been blogging for the shortest amount of time, almost two years), but I’ve following you three for more than two years and taking recs (and anti-recs) from you three. NOT EVEN KIDDING. But I didn’t realize the extent to our quadruplet-ness! That is so cool :D


    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. I don’t think I have someone that is so similar with taste, you are lucky that you’ve found 3 people! I need to go and stalk some people on Goodreads, I might have found that person already without knowing.

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