Review: After the End by Amy Plum

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Review: After the End by Amy PlumAfter the End by Amy Plum
Series: After the End #1
Published by HarperTeen (5.6.2014)
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Format: eARC, 352 pages
Source: Edelweiss

4 Stars

World War III has left the world ravaged by nuclear radiation. A lucky few escaped to the Alaskan wilderness. They've survived for the last thirty years by living off the land, being one with nature, and hiding from whoever else might still be out there.

At least, this is what Juneau has been told her entire life.

When Juneau returns from a hunting trip to discover that everyone in her clan has vanished, she sets off to find them. Leaving the boundaries of their land for the very first time, she learns something horrifying: There never was a war. Cities were never destroyed. The world is intact. Everything was a lie.

Now Juneau is adrift in a modern-day world she never knew existed. But while she's trying to find a way to rescue her friends and family, someone else is looking for her. Someone who knows the extraordinary truth about the secrets of her past.

My thoughts

To be honest, I was a little nervous going into this. I wanted to read it really badly because of the amazing cover and interesting synopsis, but at the same time – I hated Die for Me. HATED. But thankfully, this was much different! I feel as if Amy Plum’s writing style has vastly improved since the Revenants series, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book!

I’ll admit it was a little overwhelming at first because there was little explanation of the world at the start. There was talk of the “Yara” as well as Conjuring and Reading, and while they pretty much speak for themselves, I would have liked some detail. It does come, but in small portions and spread throughout the story. A little explanation in the beginning could have given me a better grasp of Juneau’s world right from the start.

I did, however, love the interaction between Juneau and Miles! It was really interesting how different they were: A spoiled, pampered rich kid from the city and a native that lives off the land. And it was pretty hilarious to see Miles’ reaction to some of the things Juneau did. He was rather afraid of her in the beginning, and his inner dialogue cracked me up!

I’m lying here in a tent, pretending to be asleep but actually fearing for my life as I watch a bunny murderer have a conversation with our campfire.

I love that it started as a very unlikely alliance and slowly developed into a friendship, then more. They came to depend on one another against their better judgement. I liked Juneau a lot – she was tough, and she didn’t need a male to take care of her or save her. Miles was a little annoying at first, but he grew on me as the book went along.

I really liked the idea of this story, too. It reminded me a lot of Taken by Erin Bowman and the movie The Village – which is a good thing! Yay for secrets and conspiracies! I’m interested to learn more about Amrit and what really happened. And what’s going on with Whit? That’s a story I want to hear!

And the ending!! WHAT THE ACTUAL CRAP. What a doozy! It was like The Taking all over again. View Spoiler » I am definitely intrigued to see where Plum takes it!

Overall Assessment

Plot: 4.5/5
Premise: 4.5/5
Writing style: 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Characters: 3.5/5
World-building: 4/5
Pace: 4.5/5
Feels: 3/5
Cover: 5/5
Overall rating: 4/5

Jessi (Geo)

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4 responses to “Review: After the End by Amy Plum

  1. Tammy

    I agree with you. I really liked this book. I thought the road trip between all the western states was fun and I can tell Amy Plum did her homework because her descriptions of some of the places were spot on.

  2. I’m happy you loved this book! I’ve seen a few negative reviews for it. I love the idea of the story, but I wasn’t sure if it would be “for me” so I didn’t request it.

    The cover just looks like a book I would adore though! It’s aaaawesome.

  3. I really disliked Plum’s previous Revenant series as well…and I am really excited about this book, just like you! I’ve heard many negative reviews about the plot, though, so I’m not raising my expectations or anything. Great review, Jessi!

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