Novel Thoughts: 2014 Goals & Resolutions

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on January 8, 2014 | 24 Comments


A bit late, I know. I’ve been having trouble lately finding the motivation to do much of anything. But here goes…

Blogging goals/resolutions

  • Use my planner to keep up with my posts and things I have to do. Lately I’ve been forgetting to post things – like Sunday’s missing Heartbeat Weekly, or Monday’s review (which I did get posted, just 10 hours late). If I could make it a point to check that planner daily, I could avoid that!
  • Have 2 full weeks of posts scheduled in advance. I’ve been pretty good about keeping one week scheduled, as long as I don’t forget. But two weeks would be even better, because if anything comes up (like a blogging slump), I won’t have to stress about having nothing on my blog.
  • Don’t stress about having nothing on the blog. Ha. Seriously though, I tend to worry too much about regular content that sometimes blogging becomes a chore. I need to just take a deep breath, chill, and realize that my readers aren’t going to leave me if I don’t post for two days. (At least, I hope not!) 
  • Make more time to comment. This is something that I seriously suck at. I tend to only comment on the blogs I follow by email, and my awesome regular commenters get left out. It makes me feel horrible that I’ve neglected them!
  • Request less review copies. It feels like anymore I don’t have the time to read the books I actually want to read, because I have too many that I feel like I have to read. Yes, when I requested those books, I wanted to read them. But then they pile up, and because of obligation, I lose some of that excitement that I once had to read them. 
  • Catch up on review copies. If I could get to the point where I only have 2 or 3 review books at a time, then I can read any new review copies as soon as I get them, when the excitement is fresh.
  • Continue to enjoy blogging. Because I don’t ever want blogging to become a chore!

Personal life goals/resolutions

  • Get back to going to the gym on a regular basis.hate that I no longer fit into 90% of my clothes. I hate feeling uncomfortable with myself all the time. Even if I don’t lose weight, I would be happy just to tone and be in better shape. I’m sick of feeling weak!
  • Eat cleaner. This past grocery trip I bought a bunch of healthy stuff, like fruits and vegetables, and got a couple bottles of V8 fruit fusion juice. Starting Sunday, I’ve been trying my best to eat better food, and to stay away from junk food. I am NOT going on a diet. That lifestyle is not for me. I will still eat bad food from time to time. But, if I can just get more fruits and vegetables, and work on portion control, I would feel much better. Along with feeling weak, I feel dull and tired all the time. I’m sick of it!
  • Don’t let the little things get to me. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of problems with people at work, and it’s been causing stress in my life. I need to let things roll off my back and try not to lose my temper as much. I need to think to myself: Will it matter in 10 years? No? Then don’t worry about it. Laugh it off, and for God’s sake, be nice! This is just a temporary chapter in my life, and I will leave these toxic people far behind soon enough.

What about you? What are your goals for the next year?

Jessi (Geo)

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24 responses to “Novel Thoughts: 2014 Goals & Resolutions

  1. These all seem like good goals. I REALLY want to catch up on review books this year AND read the stacks on unread books I’ve bought or won and haven’t had time to read with all my review books.

    ANd good luck with exercising and eating healthy. I have similar goals. I’m trying to replace the unhealthy snacks I eat with fruits and veggies. And work out somewhat regularly.

    • Thank you! And yep, I’ve gotten rid of sweet and salty, fattening snacks in favor of carrot packs and apple packs! Hopefully we can both succeed this year :)

  2. Good luck on your goals for 2014. They’re all really really good things to stay on top of. I definitely need to start scheduling posts as well. I tend to write up posts and publish them right then and there but that’s really stressful. I hope you can keep up with your personal goals as well! Don’t put yourself down too much if you ever need a break okay? Sometimes life just becomes a pain in the ass and little things become annoying and simple things become harder to do but you always get through it. And in the end, you come out a better person. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! I know I’m getting really cheesy but never give up and never let anything or anyone take away your happiness. :)

    • Aw, thanks so much for the awesome advice, Laura! I think sometimes I’m just too hard on myself. I probably have way higher expectations of myself than anyone else does >.<

  3. I agree with your goals for blogging! I want to cut back on review copies which is gonna be hard, as well as not worry if I have nothing on the blog for a day or two. I don’t think I’ll be able to schedule that ahead though! I do think I need to exercise more, I used to do athletics every Sat morning but stopped a few years and I swear my thighs are getting fatter.

    Hope you achieve all your goals! <33

    • It IS gonna be hard! Sometimes I snag a copy I really want, then when it’s time to read it I…just…don’t want it anymore. *sigh* The woes of being a book blogger! Lol!
      I know I’ve gained weight, it’s getting bad. :(

  4. great resolutions, Jessi! I hope you do accomplish most of them, having fun with my blog and not caring about not constantly posting content. A day off is always well deserved :) I agree about commenting too. I already have a set list of blogs that I try to visit everyday, but I really want to expand it and include more blogs. Also I’m with you on the eating healthier and getting in shape. I’ve really improved since last year but I recently gained back almost all the weight I lost and it makes me super sad :( I definitely want to get in shape and eat healthier just to feel better about myself! I hope you do everything you want to do this year, Jessi! <3

    • I know the feeling, I’ve gained SO much weight the last two years :(
      It’s not so much the weight…I mean, I’d like to weigh 140 ideally, but that’s pretty far away. I’d just like to be in better shape physically and mentally!
      Thanks Leeny! <3

  5. Trayche

    Good luck Jessi! I know you’ll accomplish them. I kind of have the same blogging goals now :D I believe in you that you’ll do all you’ve planned for your personal goals. Caring about little things is something you need to get out of your life. Get the stress out of your life. Stupid people don’t deserve your attention. You’re Versace and they’re.. something else. There goes my Drake reference. Okay, i’m bad at making jokes. My resolution this year: Make better jokes. Funnier ones.

    trayche @

  6. I’ve been trying to be better at commenting too. I’ve actually been doing pretty well the past few weeks so I’m hoping to keep it up. There are so many awesome blogs! I’ve been using a calendar for my posting schedule for the past month and a half and I’m in heaven. I love it!

    Ugh, eating cleaner. That’s what I should do too but I really love my M&Ms. I hope you’re successful in all of your goals, Jessi!

    • The calendar makes things so much easier! You can visually see what you’ve got and what you still need to do. Now, if I could only keep up with it…

      Yeah, I love my sweets! But I’m tired of them making me feel crappy :(

  7. Nikki

    I’m with you on the Personal Goals. Blogging-wise, I just rebranded my blog and moved to WordPress so I’m gonna start slow and try not to push myself. Don’t want it to become a chore like you said. So true. All the best with 2014!

  8. Love your goals! I totally need to do these:

    Don’t stress about having nothing on the blog.
    Get back to going to the gym on a regular basis.

    I was doing SO WELL with exercising over the summer… then once the summer ended I totally bailed X_X

  9. Those are fantastic! If I can get myself two weeks ahead…*applause* good luck Jessi! That’s probably my biggest blogging focus. Trying to find balance between life and internet life. =)

    Also health. I’ve started going to the gym more but over TH holidays that’s become history so I’m hoping to work something out!! I love how I feel after exercising its just getting there…

    God luck with your fantastic goals! You got this!!
    <333 INKY

    • “I love how I feel after exercising it’s just getting there”
      YES. Seriously my problem. I have some major motivation issues! But then afterwards I feel great and accomplished!

      Thank you Nator Twinsie!! <3

  10. These are great goals and I’ve set several of the same for myself. Trying to get caught up on review books is on of my goals as is trying to get ahead on blog posts. Its hard to keep up with everything though – eo one of my goals is also to just have fun and not be too hard on myself for not managing to do everything that I want to.

    • I really need to work on that! I think I get too worried about having content that I stress myself out (unnecessarily). My readers probably care less about it than I do!

  11. I’m also trying to eat healthier. Not because I want to lose weight, but I want to FEEl healthier and my body is signalling I need that. I think it’s important to keep blogging stress-free and good luck with catching up on your review books :)

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