Bout of Books: Goals + Progress

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Goals for the week

Time I shall devote to Reading:
I will be reading Monday night, Tuesday morning, Wednesday night, Saturday night, and whenever else I can sneak in a few pages. NO SPENDING HOURS ON THE INTERNET. (We’ll see how that goes.)


My Goals:

  • Finish current read
  • Read at least 4 books, preferably review/library books
  • Original goal completed!! New objective: Read as many books as I can! :D
  • Schedule reviews/posts for at least one week Doing on Monday


Books to Read:



Currently reading: Parallel, September Girls, 5th Wave
Pages read today: 450
Time spent reading today: 6 hours
Books completed today: Parallel, September Girls (DNF)

Currently reading: 5th Wave, Transparent
Pages read today: 420
Time spent reading today: 6 hours 
Books completed today: 5th Wave

Currently reading: Transparent, PODs
Pages read today: 325
Time spent reading today: 2 hours 45 min
Books completed today: Transparent

Currently reading: PODs
Pages read today: 313
Time spent reading today: 3.5 hours
Books completed today: PODs

Currently reading: Crewel
Pages read today: 62
Time spent reading today: 50 min
Books completed today: none

Currently reading: Crewel, Charm & Strange
Pages read today: 350
Time spent reading today: 3 hours 45 min
Books completed today: Crewel

Currently reading: Charm & Strange
Pages read today: 174
Time spent reading today: 1 hour 30 min
Books completed today: Charm &  Strange

Total # pages read for the week: 2,094 pages!!!
Total time spent reading: 24 hours, 20 minutes (wow!)
Books I read this week: Parallel, September Girls (DNF), 5th Wave, Transparent, PODs, Crewel, Charm & Strange

Jessi (Geo)

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17 responses to “Bout of Books: Goals + Progress

  1. WOOOT! Jessi you got this!!!!! So many awesome books! I plan to read Transparent soon too. Probably after finishing my current read. Aaw, I hope you like September Girls. With all the crappy reviews and quotes I’ve seen, I hate the book already. i’m so not reading it. O.O HOW DID YOU GET THE 5th WAVE? I need to read that one. I WANT TO READ IT SO FREAKING BAD. *requests more library books when she already has 30 checked out* O.O Hehe, also, I’m going to try and NOT distract you. *into Jessi drill sergeant mode* I will read with you even though I’m not officially doing the challenge. You know pretty well how behind I am too. lol.

    ANYWAY. It’s BOUT OF BOOKS TIME! Jessi for the win!! You got this Nator girl!

    • Oooh, we should buddy read Transparent! I’m reading September Girls next (attempting to read, anyway…I completely expect to DNF it. I’m afraid to even try because of the nasty reviews!), then I’ll be starting Transparent.
      I bought the 5th Wave!! I was dying for it and couldn’t wait for it to be processed through my library >.< I kinda want to drop everything else to read it, but there's books releasing this week I need to get to.
      LMAO! That's what I've been doing with review books from EW. I'm already swamped yet I still obsessively check for new Harper titles. I should probably stop that!
      *nudges* You know, you should do Bout of Books too ;D


      • I’m so lazy with review books. I’m like I’ll read my favorites and catch up later. O.O. I blame my excessive library hauls because I’m on major catch-up after ban. Merp. Okay. I’ll unofficially do it, how about that? And yes, BUDDY READ!

        • NATOR GIRL! YOU ARE DOING SO GOOD! I”m so proud of you! Hehe. I’m SO busy this week I would never have time to do good this week. Even being unofficially a part of it…I’ve finished two books. Yes… Bad week for Inky. O.O

          But you are killing it!!!! *high five*

  2. Woah, six hours is quite a number…why the DNF? Was it so bad? Well, whatever the reason, I hope you get through your other reads :) Parallel does sound intruiging and it seems like everyone loved The 5th Wave..

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