Review: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

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Review: The Iron Knight by Julie KagawaThe Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
Series: The Iron Fey #4
Published by Harlequin Teen (10.25.2011)
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Format: Paperback, 386 pages
Source: I own it
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5 Stars

To cold faery prince Ash, love was a weakness for mortals and fools. His own love had died a horrible death, killing any gentler feelings the Winter prince might have had. Or so he thought.

Then Meghan Chase--a half human, half fey slip of a girl--smashed through his barricades, binding him to her irrevocably with his oath to be her knight. And when all of Faery nearly fell to the Iron fey, she severed their bond to save his life. Meghan is now the Iron Queen, ruler of a realm where no Winter or Summer fey can survive.

With the unwelcome company of his archrival, Summer Court prankster Puck, and the infuriating cait sith Grimalkin, Ash begins a journey he is bound to see through to its end--a quest to find a way to honor his vow to stand by Meghan's side.

To survive in the Iron Realm, Ash must have a soul and a mortal body. But the tests he must face to earn these things are impossible. And along the way Ash learns something that changes everything. A truth that challenges his darkest beliefs and shows him that, sometimes, it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice.

My thoughts

I. Love. This. Series. Each and every book is amazing in its own right, and someday I’ll write a review for each. But as for this book, it was an incredible end to a great saga.
Ash goes through so much and overcomes so many trials in the Iron Knight just for the hope to be with Meghan. He puts it all on the line for love, and I adore him for it. It was really interesting to see things from his perspective instead of hers (like the first 3 books).
This book is so amazingly written, filled with danger, sacrifice, and humor. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Ash and Puck, and also, the sarcastic comments thrown in by Grimalkin.
While I adore Ash and Puck both, I must say my absolute favorite character in the whole series is the cait sith himself. Grim is aloof and pragmatic, always unruffled by the things going on around him (typical cat). I loved the quips between him and the Wolf, typical cat-dog rivalry. I found myself giggling at every turn in the story, something I truly relish in a book!
This is such a beautiful masterpiece of a book. Kagawa knows how to work my emotions – there was a moment where my jaw dropped from shock, another where I was grinning like an idiot from how disgustingly amazing Ash is (ok, I admit it, I got a little misty as well), and like I said, plenty of moments where I was laughing out loud at her witty storytelling.
I must warn you, getting into part two it was a bit frustrating due to an unexpected arrival (I won’t give anything away) and I wasn’t sure whether Ash was going to stay true to his quest or not. But don’t worry, everything smooths out :)
The journey to humanity is a long and trying one, and Ash learns just what it is to be human…the good and the bad included.
Plot: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Love the humor!
Characters: 5/5
Pace: 5/5
I didn’t get bored even once.
Cover: 5/5
What’s not to like, Ash is pretty hot ;)
Overall rating: 5+/5 starfish
Jessi (Geo)

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3 responses to “Review: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

  1. Great review! I love this book and the series! This is one of my most favourite series!
    What I really loved about this book the most is the alternating POVs of Puck and Ash. And I definitely loved the humour!
    Although it’s great ending, I’m so sad that it is the last book. :(
    But luckily, there’s The Lost Prince, which is about Ethan! :) Can’t wait for it to come out already!

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