Books made into movies and my thoughts on them

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1. The Twilight Saga

My thoughts:
The movies are nothing compared to the books. And I just want to say… I can’t stand Kristen Stewart. I was very disappointed in their pick for Bella, but oh well. Anyway, now Twilight is some little fan girl craze and the sad part is, most of them probably haven’t even read the books. They’re just obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (okay I admit it, he’s sexy as hell…but still). I didn’t care much for the movies but I loved the books. Especially Breaking Dawn. The movies were a huge disappointment for Stephenie Meyer fans everywhere.
2. Eragon
My thoughts:
The movie was just terrible. They rearranged scenes and messed with the plot, and I was really disappointed in their character choice. Especially Arya, I mean really? Arya is supposed to be beautiful and I just thought the actress was plain Jane. Thank goodness they never tried to make Eldest.
3. Blood & Chocolate
My thoughts:
I almost sh*t a brick when I saw the trailer for this movie. The book is one of my favorite books (definitely my fave stand-alone). The movie did NOT follow the book – in fact, the ending is the exact opposite. But in its own right, the movie was awesome. They did a beautiful job choosing the cast…while Hugh Dancy wasn’t exactly how I pictured Aiden, he was still great for the role. And as for Vivian…Agnes Bruckner was absolutely PERFECT. There is no other actress who could have done it better. A+ for that movie, even though it didn’t stick with the original plot. And yes I own it :)
Movies I’ve seen and haven’t read the books but want to….

1. Guardians of Ga’Hoole

I adored this movie. It was so beautiful and realistic and there were a few parts that even gave me goosebumps. The plot is brilliant. I look forward to reading about Soren’s journey.

2. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

This is my all time favorite chick flick (coming from a chick who hates chick flicks). I have seen this movie over and over again and I still cry like a little baby. I would love to read the story whenever I get a chance to.
3. The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
I own at least 4 of the books, including 1 and 2, and STILL have not read them. I know, shame on me. I have trouble reading a book after I’ve already seen the movie, but this is one I really want to read because after the like 3rd or 4th movie, they just got boring to me. I’m sure the books were waaaay better.
4. The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown


I enjoyed the movie mainly because of all the puzzle solving. I’m not real serious about reading the book, but I own it and would like to get to it someday.

Upcoming movies I’m excited for:

The Hunger Games (2012)
Book by Suzanne Collins


Words cannot describe how stoked I was when I saw the article about this. This book is absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to see how they make it come to life.
The movie poster of the flaming Mockingjay pin is absolutely beautiful.
Darkfever (2013)
Book by Karen Marie Moning

(I already talked about this one in my book review of Darkfever)

The Host (2013)
Book by Stephenie Meyer


That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll add more as they come to me. (:

Jessi (Geo)

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