2022 Goals and Resolutions

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I typically hate making New Year’s resolutions because it’s my belief that you should do so throughout the whole year, but I do still love them because it’s good motivation and something to look back on to see if I’ve accomplished my goals!

Looking back at last year’s resolutions

Here’s my post from last year!

Reading/blogging resolutions

  1. Read 100 books – Not even close. I only made it to 50. But, I spent a lot of time this year focusing on wedding planning, so maybe next year?
  2. Continue to listen to audiobooks (20-25 is ideal) – I listened to 27! This was an easy goal to crush even with only 50 books read all year, because I can listen while I work (I’m a dog groomer). I can get through one a week on a busy week, so audiobooks are my primary form of reading these days. I also had an additional 3 audiobooks that I started and DNFed.
  3. Continue to branch out from genre comfort zones – Well, oops. I fell right back into my SFF comfort zone this year.
  4. CLEAN UP EXISTING REVIEW COPIES – About that, lol. Maybe one year *sighs*
  5. Catch up on reviews – failed this one, too. I barely reviewed any of the books I read the last half of year. I don’t even want to know how far behind I am now.
  6. Blog more consistently – didn’t happen, either. Wedding planning took over my life!

I skipped bookstagram goals for this year, and it honestly felt great! I miss it a lot, but I don’t miss the pressure to post.

Lifestyle resolutions

  1. Continue to eat healthy and exercise. NAILED IT!! I eat clean about 80% of the time (consistency is more important to me than perfection and I want my tacos and pizza, dammit!) and I exercise almost daily. I’ve been building my home gym, so I don’t even have to go out to the gym anymore! I love it so much!!
  2. Be in a size 8 dress by the wedding. I DID IIIIT!! I got married in an 8 (bridal), but my street size is 6, which is what I wore for engagement pics. I actually forgot I made this goal, so I felt ecstatic when I was going back over these resolutions!
  3. $2k in savings. I actually did this, too!! I’m so proud of myself!
  4. Pay off 1-2 credit cards. Okay, so this didn’t happen, but we had a hella expensive wedding to pay for, so I’m okay with it.

2022 goals & resolutions

Reading/blogging resolutions

  1. Read at least 75 books. I’ve wanted to reach 100 for years but it just hasn’t happened. I came close last year with 98 (SO. FREAKING. CLOSE.) but this year I only made it to 50 with wedding planning. I’d still really like to get there, but I’m setting my goal at a more reasonable limit!
  2. Continue to listen to audiobooks (20+). I will absolutely continue to listen while I work!
  3. Branch out from genre comfort zones again. I think I’m getting bored with YA SFF all the time. I want to read more Adult fantasy, too, but I have SUCH a hard time getting into them.
  4. CLEAN UP EXISTING REVIEW COPIES!! I’ve gotta get to them eventually, right? Right?!
  5. Catch up on reviews. Okay, so I said I didn’t want to know how far behind I was, right? I went and counted and surprisingly it’s only 19, which is not as bad as I expected. At the beginning of this year I started a whopping 22 reviews behind!
  6. Blog more consistently. Like I said last year, I’d love to post a minimum of 5-10 posts per month. I’m still not committing super hard to this one, as it’s been years since I was truly consistent, but it’d be nice.

Lifestyle resolutions

  1. Continue to eat healthy and exercise. Get fit AF! The first half won’t be much of a problem for me, I have a good foundation now and I honestly feel like such trash when I eat poorly that it’s good motivation NOT to. And I’m at the point now where I enjoy working out and need it for my mental health. I just started the Thick Thighs Save Lives workout ebook by CVG in December and I’m looking forward to working on that for at least few months and getting stronger! By the end of the year I’d really like to deadlift and bench 80 lbs!
  2. Have visible abs. The more muscle I gain, the more I want abs. Lmao. I’ve got some killer biceps and quads, but still no abs *sobs*
  3. $5k in savings. I made it to $2k, now I want to go higher!
  4. Pay off 1-2 credit cards. With the wedding out of the way, I’m dying to start working on my debt. I really want to get braces (finally) this year as well!
  5. Work on decluttering. Between my dad having cancer, taking care of my mom, and wedding planning, the house has become SO unorganized and cluttered. I need to do some spring cleaning BAD!
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