2021 Re-read Challenge

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on December 30, 2020 | 2 Comments

I have really enjoyed re-reading some old faves the past couple years, and I want to start doing it more often. I made this challenge a few years ago, skipped a couple years, then did it again last year but basically failed at it so I’m trying again! You’re welcome to participate, just please refer back here for credit. If you make a post, feel free to leave the link so I can check it out!

My goal: 10 re-reads

Books I want to re-read

Harry Potter

I really wanted to re-read the Harry Potter books last year, but didn’t get around to it :(

The Lotus War

I was meaning to re-read my favorite series in 2020 and didn’t – I said I wanted to start re-reading them every year and it hasn’t happened yet *sobs*

DarkGlass Mountain

I finished my re-read of the Wayfarer Redemption in 2020 and meant to read this spin-off series as well but didn’t get around to this, either. Definitely want to in 2021!


Jessi (Geo)

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2 responses to “2021 Re-read Challenge

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