2021 Goals and Resolutions

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I typically hate making New Year’s resolutions because it’s my belief that you should do so throughout the whole year, but I do still love them because it’s good motivation and something to look back on to see if I’ve accomplished my goals!

Looking back at last year’s resolutions

Reading resolutions

  1. Read more than last year – I *kind of* did this. I only read 75 in 2019, and I read 95 last year. So a little more, but I still didn’t make it to the 100 books I was hoping to get to.
  2. Listen to more audiobooks – I kicked this goal’s ASS! I listened to a whopping 24 audiobooks last year! (My usual was like 10 a year before that) I also had an additional 15 audiobooks that I started and DNFed.
  3. Don’t accept/request review copies I won’t read – In general, I’m doing much better about this! I rarely impulse download anymore, but I did do it a couple times last year, oops.
  4. Clean up existing review copies – Lol yeahhh, that didn’t happen. XD
  5. Venture outside my reading bubble. I am pleased to say that I actually accomplished this! A third of all the books I read were NOT sci-fi or fantasy!

Blogging/bookstagram resolutions

  1. Blog more – I did pretty good for the first few months of the year, until my dad’s cancer progressed to the point where he (and my mom) had to move in with me and I let everything else in my life go to take care of them. After he passed, I lost all desire to do it.
  2. Catch up on reviews – I did actually do this, but then I fell behind again when dad died. Oops.
  3. Bring back some old blog events – I brought back Reading Bingo, that counts right?
  4. Be more consistent and active on bookstagram (when I feel like it) – another one I did good with until dad.
  5. Accept less obligations on bookstagram – I did fantastic with this one! I stopped signing up for Storygram tours (although I do miss that), and only accepted things when someone reached out to me first and it was something I really loved.
  6. Keep up with obligations – I did very poorly with this one at the end of last year. I’m surprised the publishers haven’t cut me off. I feel really bad about it.
  7. Get better at returning comments and interaction when I do post – Yeah, that didn’t happen either. :(

Lifestyle resolutions

  1. Get back to my healthy lifestyle – It took ALL year, but I did do this! I got engaged in September and finally stepped out of my rut and started back on healthy habits. I don’t want to look like a stuffed sausage in my wedding dress, so that was good motivation to start. The payoff should keep me going!
  2. Lose 20 pounds – Yeah that didn’t happen, lmao! I did lose the little extra I’d gained last year, but the scale barely budged in 4 months of working out and lifting because I was gaining muscle. I only lost 5 lbs, but I lost about 6 inches!
  3. Save more money – I am the WORST at this. I still didn’t do that.
  4. Pay off 1 credit card – I ACTUALLY DID THIS!!! It felt awesome! I still have a loooong way to go, but one is a start!
  5. Stay organized – I love the idea of planners, but actually keeping up with them is apparently not my forte.

2021 goals & resolutions

Reading/blogging resolutions

  1. Read 100 books. I’ve wanted to do this for the last couple of years and haven’t made it. I am DETERMINED to make it happen this year.
  2. Continue to listen to audiobooks (20-25 is ideal). I love them so much! It’s become such a habit to listen while I work that it feels weird to not have one running.
  3. Continue to branch out from genre comfort zones. A third of the books I read last year were outside of my comfort zone of fantasy and sci-fi! I also really want to read more Adult fantasy instead of YA. I’m getting a little bored with YA fantasy and want to step up :)
  4. CLEAN UP EXISTING REVIEW COPIES. Maybe this year I’ll actually accomplish this one, heh. I want my 100% back *sobs*
  5. Catch up on reviews. I started the year TWENTY TWO reviews behind. Oops. I’d really like to get in the habit of setting up my posts for each book as soon as I start reading (or even before) so that I can open them and jot a quick review as soon as I finish reading and it’s fresh in my mind.
  6. Blog more consistently. I’d love to post a minimum of 5-10 posts per month. I’m not committing super hard to this one, as it’s been years since I was truly consistent, but it’d still be nice.

I don’t really have any goals for bookstagram. I stopped posting last year and didn’t really miss the constant pressure to post, but I did miss the community. I don’t want to push myself anymore, I’m happy just posting when I feel like it! I don’t really accept obligations anymore, either. I’ve been so much better about that!

Lifestyle resolutions

  1. Continue to eat healthy and exercise. I feel SO much better now that I got back to my healthy lifestyle. I got a membership at Planet Fitness and I actually enjoy going. I miss it on the days I can’t go! I want to keep lifting so I can change my body composition. I want to be super fit!
  2. Be in a size 8 dress by the wedding. I’m past the point of caring about pounds and weight. I went 3 months losing inches and the scale didn’t budge a single pound. So I’m much more interested in getting fit and toning! I’m probably in between a 10 and 12 right now, so this goal is totally doable.
  3. $2k in savings. Saving has always been hard for me. I’d love to have two thousand in there by the end of the year. (It’s very sad and empty right now lol)
  4. Pay off 1-2 credit cards. I paid off one last year and it felt amazing, I definitely want to continue to pay off at least 1 per year! I just started a new grooming job that pays very well, so I’m hoping to pay off one of the big ones by the end of the year.
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