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Thank you SO much to all that participated in this survey! It really means a lot! 

I am very excited to share these results with all of you. I got a lot of insight and some great input! A few of the things I knew I needed to work on, but there were things on there that surprised me. I’m going to be honest, some of it was disheartening. Looking over the results, I feel like no matter what I do, someone will be unhappy. Some people loved one thing, while others hated it. Some people wanted more of one thing, while others wanted less. Finding a happy medium is really hard, you guys.

I appreciate all of that feedback, but when it comes down to it, I’m still going to do what is right for me on my blog. I can’t/won’t change some of the things suggested, but I will certainly strive to improve the things I can. But just know that no matter what I choose to do, I appreciate each and every one of you!

Which way(s) do you follow Auntie Spinelli Reads?


I was amazed by how many people followed by multiple methods. Almost everyone followed by at least 2 different methods, and many followed by 3 or more. Thanks for the dedication, guys!!

What method do you use to actually READ posts on ASR?


As I suspected, GFC, Linky and NB are all but useless (only one person actually reads posts through them). I have now eliminated them!

What is your favorite part about ASR?


The ‘Other’ category includes the design (1 vote), the variety (3 votes), Books I Didn’t Finish posts (1 vote), and ‘Jessi snark’ (1 vote – thanks Inky haha ;p). 

What is your LEAST favorite part about ASR?


The ‘Other’ category includes manga reviews, audiobook reviews, not enough postings, no explanation of rating system (which is now fixed!), ‘doesn’t load at work’ (lol!! I’m flattered that you’re trying!), and dull design/not enough color. (1 vote each)

It was disappointing to see how many people didn’t care for the Undersea Spotlight posts. I don’t think I will get rid of them, because I like them, but I definitely want to refine those posts to make them more enjoyable for you guys. I know I need to work on interaction, and it’s on my list of things to change as I move forward. And, of course, I’ve taken care of the too many ways to follow!

What would you like to see more of?


The ‘Other’ category includes challenges, diversity in posts, author interviews, manga/movie reviews, ‘recommendations by genre,’ and ‘Jessi snark.’  (1 vote each)

This one was hard for me. Many people wanted to see more reviews, and I already struggle to post 2 a week (yes, I know, it hasn’t been that many lately as I have been in a horrendous reading slump and have nothing to review). To post more than 2 a week would be extremely difficult because I don’t have the time in my life to finish more than 2 books a week. Hell, sometimes I struggle with 2!
More giveaways is one of the things I refuse to bend on. I pay out of my own pocket for giveaways. I think 1 a month at $15-20 is doing pretty good. I’m not made of money and I have bills to pay. I can’t afford to have a giveaway every week!

I do, however, want to do WAY more discussions. This is one of the things I was already thinking about, and will definitely try to do. Same with interaction and unique features.

How would you rate ASR, on a scale of 1 to 5?


Average: 4.44

If everyone was completely honest, THANK YOU! This means a lot to me! 


Suggestions included:

  • Vary the blogger interview questions (definitely taking this to heart!)
  • More posts about me (I will try!)
  • More Nators Discuss posts (*looks at Inky*)
  • More colors (another I won’t bend on, I’m very happy with the design)
  • Less clutter? (Please tell me where the clutter is?! I got rid of GFC, Linky, & NB so hopefully that helps)
  • Less memes? (I don’t really know what to do about this. I only have a mailbox meme…)
  • ‘Keep up the good work.’ (thanks!!)
  • ‘There have been tons of books you’ve hated that practically everyone has loved. I’d love to see why!’ (I’m not sure how to address this one either. In my rant and DNF reviews I include pretty clear reasons to back my opinion of the book, and why it didn’t work for me. Is there any way to refine this suggestion?? Because I don’t really understand what more to explain =/)

I was very encouraged by some of the comments people left in the suggestions box. They warmed my heart and made me feel like what I do is truly worthwhile! I’m going to share some of them, you know, to stroke my ego. *grins*

“I love your blog the way it is. I can’t think of any complaints. Haha. Your reviews are great and it’s all you. So whatever you do with it will be awesome!”

 “I like your honest reviews. I think you have some of the most honest reviews, especially since we tend to disagree on books, but you always have really good reasons for what worked for you and what didn’t. I really enjoy your blog.”

“Honestly, I can’t think of anything to change. As I said above, you have a great balance of stuff. You are one of my blogging idols <3” 

“Really a huge fan of everything you do on your blog. Keep up the wonderful job.”

“I don’t get to come to your blog as much as I’d like because life is busy. But I always enjoy reading your posts!”

“There is NOTHING you need to change, I love your blog!”


In the coming months, I want to move forward with this blog and work on many of the things on here. I will make an official announcement as to what my plan is next week when I start on the big changes I was talking about! Stay tuned :)

Jessi (Geo)

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13 responses to “Reader Feedback Survey Results

  1. I admire you! It took a lot of guts to ask people to participate in a survey like this. :) It’s definitely hard to please everyone, and I honestly think you shouldn’t even try. It all boils down to what you love/want/need/enjoy. :)

  2. Interesting to see, especially the GFC/NB/Linky part. I was thinking about deleting them too and I see most people hardly use these platforms. It gives me something to think about! And yes, you should always do what feels good to you, but I hope some of the feedback is helpful :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the results! Statistics and survey results are one of my biggest guilty pleasures. THEY’RE JUST SO INTERESTING!! I love knowing other bloggers’ opinions, even if it’s not even about my blog LOL.

    I like how you keep the results in mind, but you’re not going to completely mold your blog into what we want. I think it’s important that you keep your blog as mostly (if not entirely) what YOU want. So that’s great!

  4. Nikki Ooi

    Yay! Most people agree with me! *Ahem* Or should I say I agree with them. In the general aspect of things. Keep it up gal!

  5. Shannon N.

    Hey! My comment is up there! :D I don’t think you should worry about struggling to post more reviews. I think a lot of people said that because they enjoy your reviews and would love to see more. But 2 a week isn’t bad! Especially the time you obviously put into them.

  6. How much you want to bet that the people who wanted more giveaways are too young to have financial responsibilities? Haha. Also, that’s just rude. “You’re not giving us enough free things!” >.>

    I like that you took some of the suggestions to heart, while still doing your own thing. I think that’s one of the hardest parts, you know? Doing what YOU like, while still pleasing other people.

    “Blogging is easy,” said no one ever.

  7. I cannot BELIEVE that more giveaways was even a comment!!! Wow… There are some people that either blog or follow blogs only for the giveaways though … I’ve seen some people on Twitter that post nothing but giveaway tweets, so there’s that.

    I second some of the comments above that it is YOUR blog and you should run your blog just the way YOU want to. And if people don’t want to read or follow because of that? Well, it’s their loss.

  8. Feedback is always awesome and..NOT. I’m glad this was awesome for you Jessi! I’m glad Nators Discuss is a part of that. Haha. We need to get on that. :D *pokes you to the document* Tehe, and you’re welcome. <333

    I really want to do one of these now. Haha. Seems like it would be so informative. Maybe once I move to WP I will!
    so fun to read this!

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