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I had SUCH a great week! I met all of my overall goals and most of my daily goals. I managed to read a whopping 2,095 pages – I finished 4 books and read half of two others, so that kinda counts as another whole book! I think that’s a record for me in one week! Now I’m caught up on my Goodreads challenge as well as ARC August and my review copies. (Sadly I’m behind on reviews now, though…) I’m super proud of myself!


  • Finish current reads (Metaltown, Furthermore) 
  • Read 2-4 more books OR 1,500 2,000 pages total 
  • Read a little bit every day 

Weekly progress

Total # pages read: 2,095
Total time spent reading: 21 hours, 30 minutes
Books I completed: Metaltown, Furthermore, Hawkweed Prophecy (DNF), Gemina, Disruption

Daily Progress


Today’s goals:

  • Finish Metaltown (on pg. 88/384)
  • Finish Furthermore (on pg. 58/393) 

Currently reading: Metaltown, Furthermore

Pages read today: 305
Time spent reading today: 3 hours, 30 min
Books completed today: Metaltown

Today’s notes: Sadly I didn’t get as much reading as I’d hoped to get done since this was my day off, but I ended up getting a migraine early in the day that ruined my plans :(


Today’s goals:

  • Finish Furthermore (on pg. 67/393)
  • Start Hawkweed Prophecy 

Currently reading: Furthermore, The Hawkweed Prophecy

Pages read today: 470
Time spent reading today: 4 hours
Books completed today: Furthermore


Today’s goals:

  • Finish Hawkweed Prophecy (on pg. 144/364)
  • Make a dent in Gemina 

Currently reading: The Hawkweed Prophecy (DNF @ pg 154), Gemina

Pages read today: 212
Time spent reading today: 2 hours, 5 min
Books completed today: none, DNFed Hawkweed Prophecy

Today’s notes: The brutal cat mutilation in The Hawkweed Prophecy caused a pretty bad setback for me today. I waffled a lot over whether or not to pick it back up again, as I was enjoying it in the beginning, but every time I tried I got upset all over again. I wasted a lot of time procrastinating about it so now I won’t finish a book today like I had hoped to :(


Today’s goal:

  • Read at least 300 pages of Gemina (on pg. 200/659) 

Currently reading: Gemina, Disruption

Pages read today: 459
Time spent reading today: 5 hours
Books completed today: Gemina


Today’s goal:

  • Read at least 200 pages of Disruption 

Currently reading: Disruption

Pages read today: 216
Time spent reading today: 2 hours, 15 min
Books completed today: none

Today’s notes: I was kinda hoping to finish Disruption today, since I got home fairly early from work, but I was in seriously hardcore procrastination mode and wasted hours of time on the internet >.>


Today’s goal:

  • Finish Disruption (on pg 216/416) 

Currently reading: Disruption

Pages read today: 200
Time spent reading today: 2 hours, 15 min
Books completed today: Disruption


Today’s goal:

  • Finish Like a River Glorious

Currently reading: Like a River Glorious 

Pages read today: 233
Time spent reading today: 2 hours, 30 min
Books completed today: none

Today’s notes: I was planning to spend the entire day reading, but ended up having last minute family plans that took up most of the day so I ended up not being able to read much at all :(

Jessi (Geo)

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