Life of a Blogger: Bad Habits

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on January 15, 2015 | 10 Comments


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This week’s topic: Bad Habits

Topic suggested by Asti @ Oh, the Books!

Oh good lord, I have so many of those lol!

  • Swearing, duh, I curse like a fucking sailor
  • Playing with my hair. Seriously I can’t sit still, and I find myself doing this without even knowing. In fact, I do it so much that my hand starts cramping. I CAN’T STOP.
  • Not answering text messages. I have a terrible habit of reading a text message, leaving it with the intent to answer later, and completely forgetting…
  • Drinking Mountain Dew like it’s water (I’ve been better about this lately)
  • Not drinking enough water (or any, most days)
  • Going to bed too late when I have to get up early
  • Spending money on shit I don’t need, then putting the necessities (gas, food) on the credit card because I run out of money by the end of the pay period
  • Eating too much junk food because it’s easily accessible
  • Tossing stuff on the table/couch/floor instead of putting it away
  • Skipping the gym – I’ve gained 15 pounds in the last year D:
  • Getting on Twitter when I have things to get done
  • Throwing trash on the floor of my car because my trash is overflowing
  • Letting the dishes pile up instead of washing them every night
  • (see a trend here?)
  • Being lazy in general!!!!

I’m seriously working on the lazy/unhealthy bits this year. I have a wedding coming up that I need to be in shape for! As for going to bed too late and swearing, I’ll probably never stop doing those ;)

Next week’s topic: Achievements

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about your bad habits and link up :)

Jessi (Geo)

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10 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Bad Habits

  1. Skipping gym is something I’ve been doing a lot lately.. I need to get back in my schedule. Also, Twitter is a place you get sucked into when you don’t have the time for it. It somehow feels you have to do something else and then it hooks you in.

  2. I curse like a fucking sailor too but I don’t consider that a bad habit more of an extension of my sparkling personality ;) I always go to bed to late, mostly because I’m reading or on twitter/Facebook (they are like a wormhole you just get stuck in) I tried so hard to go to bed early I just never happens :)

  3. Lololol yep I do pretty much all of these, too! I’m pretty good at not cursing, since I work with kids (haha) and I don’t really like Mountain Dew that much, but I AM a Pepsi addict! I try to drink at least one bottle of water a day (I should do more). And it’s difficult to eat healthily when my boyfriend eats nothing BUT junk food. He hates vegetables, and I love ’em, so it’s really hard to cook for him. >.< I really should not be making excuses about going to the gym anymore since they just put a Planet Fitness in the shopping center in front of my apartments! Throwing that excuse out the window and I'm going to start going 4-5 days a week :)

  4. LoL Every time I swear the Mr. stop what he’s doing, looks at me like I’ve lost my mind and asks, “What was that?”… to which I respond with (for instance this was the other day), “I said I’m tired of people letting their dogs run the god damn neighborhood so that they can shit in my garden. Only to have me dig it up when I’m out there pulling weeds. It’s fucking ridiculous.”… he just chuckled, shook his head, and retreated. But seriously, it’s disgusting. LoL
    … btw, this is an AWESOME feature.

  5. Omigosh, I couldn’t think of much for my post, but after reading yours, I’ve realized that we share a few of the same habits! I, too, look at texts and then totally forget to respond. Ditto with e-mails (as I’m sure you know by now!)

  6. I swear so bad when I’m not in work…or by the kids. I have shocked a lot of people with my language as they don’t expect it from me. I also twist my hair and as a result it is slightly shorter than the rest of my hair :)

  7. Honestly, you are my spirit animal. Swearing is my life even though I know it’s kind of sort of not really, bad[?]

    Story that you probably don’t care about but I’m bored as anything [note: when I say bored as anything, I mean bored as **** but I can’t swear because gotta keep up my nice girl rep!]

    so i had to do self defense for class and on the last day this huge ass guy shows up in like a swat team body suit. i was picked to go second, after a volunteer [so technically, i’m first!] and when i got on the mat, i was trembling. i had to freaking fight the guy. my first thought was “OH F…” even before I got attacked.
    every time i got thrown and landed on my face, i thought “F…” and every time he came close to me I thought “S…” Once I finally got the upper hand, I started throwing punches like a fricking ninja thinking “F this” every time a punch was thrown [like ten?] Eventually, I was allowed to sit back down and I was freaking out. Everyone was laughing, which is normal but then I noticed that they were laughing so much harder at me than the person who went first. I was like “what gives?’ to my friend who’s dying beside me.

    You know what she said? Every word that I thought was in my head, I said out loud. And LOUDLY. AND THERE WERE TEACHERS EVERYWHERE.

    So yeah, I would say that i’s more than a bad habit. maybe something clinical?

    Sorry for the random moment, I’m just tired and sleep deprived and this post made my dayyyy

  8. I actually have a pretty bad mouth as well, but I’ve gotten so good at keeping it in around most people (like at work!). I really only cuss a lot when I’m around people I know really well and I can really relax. I haven’t really let it show through in my blog either – because occasionally my grandmother reads my blog! Haha – I’m just not comfortable enough yet, but I’m sure I will eventually! I drink Coke like it’s water – I’m working on it! I’m terrible about putting my clothes away, I throw things in piles everywhere and my fiancé hates it! He is much neater than I am actually, haha. He does the dishes before I get to them too! He’s nice to have around :)

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