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Posted by Jessi (Geo) on February 27, 2014 | 24 Comments

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To be honest, I don’t have any guilty pleasures. I don’t watch soap operas (I hate them, actually) or read steamy novels.

There’s things I like that could probably be considered guilty pleasures, because they might make most people feel guilty. But I have no shame haha! Here are a few:

  • Boy bands. I still love listening to old Backstreet Boys songs! And I still know all the lyrics! While they’re my favorite, I do like N*SYNC too; and I don’t really see the problem with One Direction, even though I don’t actually listen to them (except for that one song What Makes You Beautiful…I like that song *shrugs*). And NO, I don’t like Justin Bieber. Thank you very much.
  • Hello Kitty. I looove Hello Kitty things…I collect them! I have all kinds of mugs and stuffed animals; as well as a clock, a backpack, a lunchbox, a blanket, a hat & gloves, and a calendar. I’m sure there are others, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.
  • Anime. Some people find it dorky, but I enjoy watching anime! I don’t watch as much as I used to, but I love shows like Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Trigun, and Outlaw Star. And I love listening to the music!
  • Classical. Most people give me the People’s Eyebrow when I tell them I love Mozart, but oh well!
  • Sweets. I have a major sweet tooth, and I love eating stuff like cinnamon rolls, donuts, cookies, and Little Debbie cakes. I used to be much worse, but lately I’ve been trying to cut back on that stuff. This actually goes for junk food in general, though!
  • Up until last month, Mountain Dew. I used to drink 2-3 cans a day! At the beginning of the year, I decided to cut it out. I still drink one every once in a while, but for the most part I quit. 
  • Disney Movies. I looove them! I think most of you can agree, am I right? 

That’s all I can think of, and again, I don’t feel guilty about any of those! I’m proud to be a nerd ;D

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about your guilty pleasures and link up :)

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24 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Guilty Pleasures

  1. Boy bands are awesome. I still love Backstreet Boys, although I was never really that into N*SYNC aside from a couple of songs. McFly and Busted though… I was obsessed! And One Direction are pretty cool when they’re not saying offensive things XD

    You already know that I think Disney movies are amazing. And I’ve got a giant list of anime to check out! I’m in the middle of Attack on Titan, and should really finish it at some point in the near future.

  2. Good job on quitting Mountain Dew! That takes a whole crap load of will power. :O I love Justin Bieber! Haha, no just kidding. I like boy bands, Hello Kitty, Classical Music, sweets and Disney movies too! I know a bunch of people love Anime but there are just so many and I have a problem with decision making haha. I need to start thinking of all my guilty pleasures. Hopefully, I’ll get a post up this week!

    • You have no idea! For the first week I wanted to stab someone because I was going through hardcore caffeine withdrawal haha. Ohhh, if you need recs I’m your girl! You should totally try Inuyasha or Escaflowne :)

  3. I love this! I started sort of collecting Hello Kitty for my niece. I can’t help myself, it’s just so cute! I didn’t think to put my love for soda on my guilty pleasure list! I’m trying to cut down as well but it’s so hard!

    Have a great day! Really cute meme :)

  4. Oh my gosh we’re twins. Sort of. While I don’t really love boy bands or Disney, I have an overabundance of Hello Kitty items–I have a strange amount of sleepwear with Hello Kitty–and I watch anime obsessively. Sailor Moon is one of my favorites, and I’m learning how to play Moonlight Densetsu (theme song) on piano now…it’s really hard! I like classical piano music, because I play piano, and some violin and flute.
    Candy is my baby. Well, if I horded and ate children (I promise I don’t). It’s a really bad habit, but I eat a lot of it anyway…especially with ice cream. Yum!
    Great post! :)

    • Haha yay for Hello Kitty sleepwear! *looks down at HK tank top pajamas* :D

      Oh my gosh, that’s awesome! When you learn, you should totally record it so I can hear!!

  5. Ahh I LOVE Disney movies, too! They’re so heartwarming and while some of them are really cheesy, others are really cute. I am with you on the sweets! It’s so bad, because I also love baking so whenever I bake something (which is usually every other day) I single-handedly eat it all by myself and then complain about how fat I am and then eat more to make me feel better. It’s a horrible cycle *cries* Fantastic post, Jessi! I love this week’s topic :) <33

  6. I love Hello Kitty too! And I should really get back into watching anime but I never know where to start with all of the series that I want to watch and there’s ones that I need to finish or want to rewatch >.< And I definitely know that feeling with the sweets. They're so bad but they're so good at the same time. Awesome post :)

  7. Okay so Backstreet Boys over ‘NSYNC forever, had to get that one off my chest. And SO MUCH YES to anime! Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, and Outlaw Star are my absolute favorites (I think that we need to be anime besties, clearly). I’ve loved classical music ever since my 3rd grade teacher played it during tests to calm and focus the class. Sweets/candy is a given, Mountain Dew is pretty great, and you can’t go wrong with Disney – ever!

    Love the list :)

    • ACK are you my long lost twin?! :D Yes, BSB is way better (I’m not a fan of Justin). And do you have any anime you can recommend, since we seem like the same things?! Fiancé and I have been looking for some new anime shows to get into :)

      • Well here’s the short list: Ouran High School Host Club, Chrono Crusade, Full Metal Alchemist (and Brotherhood), Wolf’s Rain, Chobits, Full Metal Panic, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing (also G Gundam), and Rorouni Kenshin

        Those are all the one’s that I can think of right now but I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting. I seriously need to go back and rewatch these shows, I was getting a serious case of nostalgia just listing these!

        And we might possibly be long lost twins, I’m feeling some serious kismet.

        • My BFF watches Ouran and she tried hardcore to get me to watch it. I watched a couple episodes and it was super cute but I never finished it :(
          I have the manga of Chrono Crusade and I love the art, but I’ve never tried to watch the anime! I’ll have to check that one out. Yu Yu Hakusho, I used to love that one!! Same with Rorouni Kenshin! I really miss them. I used to watch one of the Gundams, too, but can’t remember which one (I think it had Heero in it). I haven’t tried Chobits, either! BFF tried to get me to watch Wolf’s Rain, too, but that one didn’t click with me for some reason. Thanks so much for the list! Man, I wish I had more time to watch them! Especially Rorouni Kenshin, I miss it so bad!

  8. Ugh, I wasn’t sure if my comment ever went through. (It didn’t.) I had the same problem all week with various WordPress blogs! ='(

    Anyway, BSB was my childhood/teen years! My fiance just recently re-discovered my love for them and cranks them up whenever I vacuum. Haha. I also have a 13 year old sister and we used to listen to One Direction and Bieber (early-Bieber, so I forgive her). Although, her obsession with Harry Styles eludes me.

    I was obsessed with Sanrio when I was little! He bought me a Chococat from Build-a-Bear for my birthday a few years ago and I still love it. :) I like Anime, but the only ones I ever got into were High-school of the Dead and Full Metal Alchemist.

    If you like Classical, you should check out Vitamin String Quartet on Spotify &! (They have tons of amazing modern playlists, instrumental and classical.)

    • Oh no! That’s not good :(

      Haha yay for BSB! And I haven’t even heard of Harry Styles…
      OMG I love Chococat! I have a black cat that stares with huge eyes and my fiancé and I always joke that she looks like Chococat. I’m jealous that you have one from Build-a-Bear!

      I shall look that up, thanks for the rec :)

  9. I love boy bands! There’s something about them that just transports you back in time. Also, Hello Kitty is so cute. I always loved the little deer in the Sanrio collection. I don’t remember its name, but it was like one of Hello Kitty’s “friends.” Honestly, anything Sanrio is just so cute.

    *head desk* Mountain Dew is so bad but so. Good. I haven’t had it in a long time but it’s still one of my favorite sodas. Coke just doesn’t do it for me, I guess.

    • Nice! Yep, I will definitely be watching Disney movies with my future child :)

      And nope, Mountain Dew is just a highly caffeinated (and sugar-filled) soda!

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