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Posted by Jessi (Geo) on August 14, 2014 | 1 Comment

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Last week’s topic: Best childhood memory

This week’s topic: Favorite restaurants


My favorite restaurant growing up



Friendly’s!! It was tradition for my mom, my grandma and I to all go to Friendly’s when I was younger (sometimes we still do!). They have awesome melts and fried clams…not to mention ice cream to die for! Over the years I’ve lost some of that interest, but the restaurant will always hold a special place in my heart because of the nostalgia.

My fiancé’s and my favorite places to eat

Chili’s has AMAZING chicken and shrimp pasta, and their chocolate chip griddle cookie is a favorite of ours! Friday’s has amazing food too – their Jack Daniel’s sandwiches, beer cheese, and whiskey cake rock :)

Others we love



The beer cheese at Applebee’s is TO DIE FOR. It’s even better than TGI Friday’s beer cheese! Red Robin has really good food too, but we don’t go there much anymore because we had a bad experience there the last time we went =/

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One response to “Life of a Blogger: Favorite Restaurants

  1. Oh man FRIENDLY’S!!! So I lived in upstate New York until I was 12 and Friendly’s & Pizza Hut were like the only restaurants around (really rural New York). I have so many memories there – particularly with my grandmother who passed away a couple years ago. But now I live in Texas and we don’t have Friendly’s here. I haven’t been to one in like 15 years – next time I make it to the East Coast it will be a must stop.

    And Round Robin! Love that place – I never went to one until we move to Texas (because like I said, only Friendly’s and Pizza Hut) but it blew my mind with the never ending fries, even though I never have room to order them. I love their freckled lemonade and Bonzai Burger :)

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