Blogiversary Week: Name Change + Giveaway!

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It’s official! After 2 years, Auntie Spinelli Reads has now become Novel Heartbeat! 

If you are following by Bloglovin’ or email, you don’t have to do anything. I have already changed both feeds! If you were following by GFC, Networked Blogs, or Linky, please follow by Bloglovin’ (or email) instead, as I have decided to get rid of those options completely. 

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I do, however, have a new Facebook page. I’d love it if you could all like this blog at the new page! :)

The reason behind the change

    When I started Auntie Spinelli Reads way back when, I never expected it to stick with blogging this long. The name was something fun that I picked based off of a silly nickname from high school. Over the years, I’ve become more serious about blogging, and have tossed around the idea of re-naming the blog to something that I could brand myself with. Sure, Auntie Spinelli Reads is original, but many times when I told someone what my blog name was, they were like, ‘Auntie Whobewhatty?’ Most people wouldn’t be able to spell it without help. I had brainstormed ideas for a new name briefly a few times, but wasn’t able to find anything creative enough (or good enough for my picky ass, if we’re being honest here).
    Then, in my interview with Nova @ Musings of a Blodger, she mentioned that she wanted to name her blog Teardrops on My Novels, after a Taylor Swift song. I may not like Taylor (pleasedonthitme), but I was like HEY, that’s an awesome idea! Maybe I could name mine after an Avenged song!!! I looked at my favorite album of theirs (Waking the Fallen), and immediately realized that my favorite song was already bookish: Chapter Four. In my excitement, I tweeted it. Chrys @ Oh, Chrys! responded with several other suggestions, including Unholy Reviews [Unholy Confessions], Hail to the Books [Hail to the King], and finally, Novel Heartbeat. The latter leapt out at me (although Unholy Reviews does sound pretty freakin’ badass), and coming up with a design to match was easy, so I ran with it. And I am totally in love with it! (Thanks Chrys!!! <3)
    I really, really wanted Chapter Four originally, simply because it’s my favorite song by my favorite band, and I wouldn’t have to change anything for it to be bookish. But it is kind of generic, and Novel Heartbeat speaks more about my love for books. Even if people don’t get the A7X reference, it’s still meaningful!

Along with the Avenged Sevenfold themed title, I have also renamed my King of the Sea award to ‘Hail to the King award,’ and my Undersea Spotlight posts will now be called ‘Welcome to the Family,’ since our lovely blogging community is like a great big bookish family! (Credit for that goes to Nova, again. Thank you bloggy niece!!!)

And now you know the purpose of the ‘squiggly line!’ A heartbeat on an EKG! ;D



Up for grabs: A $25 gift card to Amazon -OR- $25 in books from The Book Depository. Open internationally! 


1. As this is out of my own pocket, you must be following this blog via Bloglovin’ or email to enter. (Twitter does NOT count, as I don’t tweet posts very often!)
2. Contest open to wherever the Book Depository ships for free. See the list of countries they ship to here.
3. Please read the Rafflecopter directions carefully. Faked entries will be deleted.
4. After the giveaway is over, I will notify the winner by email and they will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

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65 responses to “Blogiversary Week: Name Change + Giveaway!

  1. I love love loooove the new name! It’s awesome, unique, and just makes me get all warm and cuddly when I say it, which might be weird.

    I’m so glad the move went smoothly. <3

  2. Nikki

    OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS GIRL I LOVE IT. <3 I'm actually thinking that I may rename my blog if/when I wver move ro WP!

    BUT NOVEL HEARTBEAT SOUNDS AMAZING! And the design is gorg!

      • I realized that if I ever do change my name then I have to change all 500 of my business cards too. *sigh* Maybe that won’t happen then. BUT YEAH. IT WOULD BE WEIRD. O_O

        And ughhhh I SO WANT TO MOVE TO WP. But I must first get money for Ashley so she can do all the hard stuff I’m too lazy to do. >_> And don’t know how to do

  3. Stephanie H.

    Happy Blogiversary! I love the idea of naming your blog after a song!

    And don’t worry, I don’t care for Taylor Swift either. I respect that she writes her own music, but that’s about it. I’ve only found one song that I like and I think that’s more to do with the fact it’s with The Civil Wars and for once she’s not shouting at an ex-boyfriend. ;)

  4. Yay, congrats on turning two :D
    I love the new name!(:
    When I first saw Avenged, I was totally wondering if you meant Avenged Sevenfold. I don’t know too many of their songs which I am ashamed of, but I’ll do some digging just cause of your name change hehe
    (And about Taylor Swift, I really like her older songs because most of them are not about exes.)
    I am super jealous of the following you’ve gathered in two years. My own blog is three and a half, but a really long absence has seriously hurt me. I feel so much shame (>.<)
    But enough about me.
    Happy blogiversary. May you have as many as you wish(:

    • Thanks Joanna!!
      And you should totally check them out, they’re amazing! Their sound may not be for everyone, though, but if you like the harder metal sound and don’t mind a little screaming, I definitely recommend their album Waking the Fallen! If screaming isn’t for you, go for some of their newer stuff like their albums Nightmare and the newest, Hail to the King.
      Aw, nothing to be ashamed of! I feel like I grew a lot in my first year of blogging because I busted butt visiting everyone else, leaving comments, and working hard to get my name out there. Then this past year, I slacked. I gained something like 1200 GFC followers in my first year and only 200 in my second!
      Thanks again!! I hope there are many years to come :)

      • I don’t mind a little screaming at all, so I definitely will check out those albums. Thanks for the recommendation(:
        I am currently starting to visit blogs myself, and I’m just hoping a year from now it’ll pay off!

  5. i needs to get used to the new name but i find it really fitting and i love how you came to find it. thank you a lot for sharing that with us
    It’s also true it make more professionnal in a way^^
    so i wish you a lot of success with your new titles ( added to the new design) it’s a new adventure ^^

  6. I looooooooove the new name and design. I struggled with picking a name for my blog originally, but I’ve been Disquietus online for so long that I had to go with it, even though it’s not very bookish.

  7. Hi, sorry I tried subscribing by email but it wouldn’t let me. A note came up saying that “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”…

  8. I am a big fan of name changes and rebranding…I’ve changed the names of some of my blogs…

    Love the new look, too. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and happy blogoversary!

  9. YAY for the new name!! It’s so YOU Jessi! And it’s totally funky and totally sounds like a song name. I’m so excited for you!! And the red theme is snazzy and awesome! Some change totally sucks but this one rocks!

    <33 Inksternator


  10. Love the new name and the new look. I think it is brilliant to come up with something based on your favorite band. When your site name has that much meaning to you, it makes it that much more fun to maintain it :) Happy 2 years also! woot!

  11. I really love the new name and the graphics at the top with the heartbeat line thingy!!

    Loved the old name too, but as long as you’re still blogging, it’s awesome:)

    Congrats and thank you:)

  12. Leslie Rodriguez

    I love the new look. Its very simple unlike some other blogs that I visit. I am a firm believer of “KISS”. If anyone that reads this post and does not know what that means Keep It Simple Stupid. lol

  13. I wondered what was up with the new layout, which I actually REALLY like, and thought maybe it was tied into a name change. LOVE IT, Jessi. I’m thinking of changing my blog name next year, since it doesn’t really reflect my blog as well as I want it to.

    LOVE LOVE Novel Heartbeat. It’s so cute and awesome and fun!

  14. dianadimovska1

    Great new name, great design! Keep up with the good work, Novel Heartbeat! Greetings from Macedonia! :)

  15. Carl

    Oh no! Im-a gonna miss-a da Spinelli mail after all-a dis time. Oh well, so be it, it’s your blog. All hail Novel Heartbeat!! This doesn’t mean you’re a full-time romance blog now, does it? Congrats on turning two!!

  16. Happy Blogoversary!! Love the new name, it’s so earcatching and match to new layout! XD
    The idea to take blog name from favorite song is very cool, maybe I should use this formula too if I want to change blog name :D

  17. Happy blogoversary Jessi! -throws some major confetti around-
    I love your new blog name and your beautiful header; it really fits! ;D<3
    And how creative, naming your blog after songs (kind of). Mine was named out of my favorite word, "effortlessly."

  18. Nikki Ooi

    Heartiest congrats! As I’d already read your previous post about the new blog design and taken the survey, I knew about the name change. But anyway congrats again! And yay for giveaways! Thanks for thinking of us too and sharing the love!

  19. Congratulations on 2 years and the new name/site! I’m loving the looks of it and the name is great – I was one of those who had trouble spelling and was just so glad my browser remembered once I’d typed in auntie :) This name is awesome though – unique and meaningful!

    • Thank you! :)
      Yeah, I’m so glad to leave those troubles behind. You weren’t alone! It just wasn’t professional enough anymore and I didn’t want people to struggle with spelling/pronunciation. Glad you like the new one!

  20. Munnaza

    Congratulations and happy blogoversary! I love how clean and perfect in its simplicity your new design is, and I adore your blog’s new name. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

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