Top Ten Tuesday [Freebie]: Best Platonic Relationships (pt. 2)

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A few years back I did best platonic relationships for the romance freebie (because hellooo, I am not a romance fan, sorry), so I’m just going to add some more to that!


1. Squad #312 from the Aurora Cycle – I love them all SO MUCH!!! Especially after Aurora’s End, omg! The bond they all share is so freaking beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

2. The Zumra from the Sands of Arawiya – another group that I absolutely adore! Love their banter and the deep bond they share!

Human/animal relationships (part 2)

3. Phoebe & Saoirse from Empire of the Vampire – Saoirse is SUCH A BADASS and she would have been my favorite character even without her equally badass mountain lion sidekick. Yaassssss.

4. Val & Sindari from Sinister Magic – I could probably take or leave Val to be completely honest, but I LOVE Sindari so so much! He’s perfectly sarcastic and just like you’d expect a big cat to be.

Mentor relationships

5. Gabe & Dior from Empire of the Vampire – I am ALL ABOUT that grumpy-old-man-gets-strapped-with-unwanted-kid trope and this one did NOT disappoint. I loved their dynamic soooo much!

6. Crony & Stain from Stain – Crony was my fave character of the book, and her tenderness toward Stain despite being a literal monster just melted my heart!

Non-human relationships

7. Kady & AIDAN from The Illuminae Files – Um, we all know AIDAN is fantastic, and it’s endearing that being around Kady makes him more human. <error>

8. Lemon & Cricket from The Lifelike trilogy – I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! It’s adorable that Cricket always chose to protect her, View Spoiler »

9. Artemisia & the revenant from Vespertine – hate to love relationships are my FAVE trope and that goes for platonic ones as well! I loved seeing these two be forced together, and hate each other, only to slowly develop into friends.

10. Spensa & M-Bot from Skyward – I apparently love human/robot dynamics, lol! M-Bot was hilarious and I love the development his character got in the third book. The friendship they shared was so beautiful, and it was adorable that he cared about and looked out for her even though he wasn’t supposed to feel!


Honorable mention: Best sisters dynamic

Leafpool & Squirrelflight from The Warriors series – Squirrelflight’s Hope gave me ALL THE FEELS! Seeing them as kittens together, seeing them grow up and have aspirations together, and then everything they went through…UGH MY HEART.

What are some of your favorite platonic relationships?


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