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Christmas is sneaking up on us fast, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite bookish gift ideas, and from some of my favorite companies! Something else I want to mention is that I have forged a connection with most of the business owners of these companies and it’s so much more meaningful to me to support companies with fabulous people behind them!


I am OBSESSED with candles, especially the bookish kind! Here are some of my favorite candle companies! I do rep for MLC Co (my #1 fave)!

  • MLC Co – I have been a huge fan of this shop since back in the day when it went by Muggle Library, and the shop owner (Ashley) is an absolutely wonderful human being too! I’ve never sniffed a candle of hers that I didn’t like, and I love the unique ideas she has. She’s the one that coined the Sorting Candle, which hit it HUGE after being shared on major sites like Popsugar, Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, and even WDTN News!! Coupon code: MLCNOVEL
  • Flick the Wick – This shop has my all time favorite labels on a candle, they are SO beautiful I can’t even! Not only do they look gorgeous, but they smell amazing too. Just like with MLC Co, I’ve never sniffed a Flick the Wick candle that I didn’t like. My girl Christy has a coupon code: CBOOKADDICTION
  • Geeky Girl Scents – I admit I only have a couple of candles from Geeky Girl Scents, but I am friends with the amazing shop owner (Chelsea) and I love the candles I own from her! Plus, she uses a delightful amount of glitter in all of her candles that I adore! My girl Kayla has a coupon code: RHEYA18
  • Alchemy & Ink – These candle labels are absolutely stunning, and the candles are just as epic! I have about 9 candles from Natalie and they all smell HEAVENLY. My girl Kayla has a coupon code: RHEYA10

Book box subscriptions

In addition to candles, I am also a HUGE fan of book boxes! Here are my top 5 sub box companies – I have the amazing honor to rep for 4 out of 5 of my faves! I personally love sci-fi & fantasy, so I tend to gravitate toward boxes that primarily (or solely) offer those genres. There are lots of other great boxes that offer other genres, like Owlcrate and Litjoy!

  • Fairyloot – This is a great one for exclusive editions (including sprayed edges!) and signed books! This sub will always be my #1 because I’ve been a fan for the longest. I was subscribed out of pocket for a full year before I was chosen to be a rep! (I actually cried when I had to cancel for financial reasons because I love it so much, and then cried again when I was chosen because the timing coincided so that I didn’t miss a box!) Coupon code: NOVEL10
  • Shelflove Crate – In addition to most books being signed (or at least having a signed bookplate), they also tend to have some of the coolest, super unique items never seen before! Coupon code: NOVELH
  • Illumicrate – Another great one for exclusive editions! Plus, these boxes are PACKED. They always have the most items I’ve seen in any one box! Coupon code: JESSI10
  • Enchanted Book Box – This box tends to have super unique items, too, and some of my favorite book picks! Coupon code: NOVEL5
  • Nerdy Post – There’s no book in this one, it’s geared more toward paper items like bookmarks, prints, and posters. There are different sized/priced boxes – lite, regular, and ultimate! Ultimate Nerdy Post has big items like candles, scarves, totes, etc. and has a tee in every box. You can also do a tees only subscription!

Book sleeves

Not only do I love the functionality of book sleeves – they are a reading necessity – but I also love using them in photos! I carry a sleeve everywhere with me to protect my book – it’s a must for book lovers, and a great gift! I am thrilled to be a rep for Love You More Studio, my #1 sleeve company!

  • Love You More Studio – I absolutely ADORE this shop! One of my best friends (Katie) runs this shop with her ENTIRE FAMILY – yes,  that’s right, it’s a full blown family business! I love it so much! The sleeves are great quality, and you can choose your size to fit your needs – e-reader, standard, or full. Coupon code: JESSI10
  • MyBookZleeves – Other than LYMS, this is my top shop for quality! I love the way these sleeves are made – they are lined with silk, so the books just slide right in. And the size is perfect!

Enamel pins

Enamel pins are a newly developed obsession for me! Here are a few of my faves:

  • Dust and Pages – Not only is Ruthie a fantastic human being, but her designs are goooorgeous!! I am in LOVE with her enamel pins, but she also does custom funko pops and bookmarks as well. She’s seriously so talented!
  • Fable & Black – I love the unique style this shop has! They also sell paper products like bookmarks, prints, and notebooks!
  • Iron & Ink Designs – This is a fairly new shop, run by the same owner as Drawn to the Pages. She has such gorgeous and unique designs!


There’s nothing better than proudly displaying my bookish merch when I’m out and about! My fave besides tees are scarves and beanies – but sadly none of mine came from a shop you can order from, they were all from sub boxes. (Even more reason to go with sub boxes!)

  • Nerdy Tees – as mentioned above, Nerdy Post has a tees only subscription and TRUST ME, you need this! I have at least a dozen of their tees and I basically live in them because they are the most comfortable t-shirts I own! (I go with loose fit unisex!)
  • Storiarts – I love the unique look of this shop’s products! They have writing gloves, scarves, and more. Super cool apparel to show off your bookish nature!


  • Classic bookmarks – My fave is Behind the Pages! Gina is super sweet, and she also sells a myriad of other bookish items like soaps, chapstick, and perfume! Another great bookmark shop is Dreamy & Co!
  • Magnetic bookmarks – My fave is Happy Hello Co, I LOVE her designs so much!! Her little bookmarks are the cutest! Featured: “Colour Coded Society” Red Rising bookmarks from Happy Hello
  • Woodmarks – Okay so I didn’t get a photo for this one, but I am obsessed with woodmarks! Awesome woodmark shops: Ink & Wonder DesignsIn the Reads



  • Pillows – This is another item included in sub boxes a lot, but you can also get tons of awesome bookish pillows from Society6! (Fave design shops: Miss Phi, Evie Bookish, Bookworm Boutique, Risa Rodil) Pillows pictured: Harry Potter Envelope (no longer available), Messrs pillow from Bookworm Boutique, Words in Your Soul pillow from Miss Phi
  • Blankets – The throw blanket shown in the second photo, from YA Reads, is great for functionality AND photos! Coupon code: NOVELHEARTBEAT15 (Society6 has great throw blankets too, they’re super fuzzy and warm! The Ignite Me blanket in the first photo is from Evie Bookish)
  • TBR cart – This is such a great way for any bookworm to organize their TBR pile. I love mine so much! (Target, $30)

I hope you enjoyed my list! There’s always the classic gift card to a bookstore, though ;)

What are some of your favorite bookish gifts? Are there any in particular that you’d like to see under YOUR tree this year?

Jessi (Geo)

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