The United States of YA!

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on October 31, 2012 | 3 Comments

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This is so awesome I had to share! I may make a challenge for it next year, even though I haven’t heard of quite a few of these (and probably would have never given them a second glance otherwise).
Here’s the list:
Ones I’ve read are in bold.
Starred* books were those already on my TBR list.
Total I’ve read: 15/50
How many have you guys read?
Jessi (Geo)

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3 responses to “The United States of YA!

  1. This is really cool, although I’m a bit disappointed in some of the choices for the states. While I’m sure they were trying to represent a diverse group of YA genres and titles, by doing so they missed some of the biggest books/series! No Vampire Academy in Montana (although they do have Bloodlines in California) or House of Night in Oklahoma. I can see why they left out the Hunger Games as it’s more of a region than a particular state. Oddly, although I’m not anti-Twilight, I’m ok with it being left off the list. Also, while I love classics, most of this list is relatively modern. Could they really think of nothing else for Kansas but the Wizard of Oz?

  2. Yeah, some of them were just weird! House of Night is a great suggestion, I wish they had that on there. I wish they had a lot of other more popular ones, because there’s quite a few I don’t particularly care about. And yes, Wizard of Oz was a bit strange!

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