5 Star Books of 2019

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Last year I saw Cristina @ Girl in the Pages post about her 5 star reading drought (which was originally inspired by Lauren @ Bookmark Lit’s post here), and I thought it was such a great post, so I did one of my own! It was really interesting to see what me 5 star reads looked like for last year, and I definitely want to start doing it every year!

5 star books of 2019

This number is usually low since I’m a picky rater. I had 18 in total (out of 69 books read so far), but a whopping 12 of them were re-reads, so I only had six new 5 star books this year. That is so depressing! If you don’t count re-reads, my 5 star books only account for 9% of what I read all year :(

New 5 star reads

Just like last year, most (4 out of 6) were tried and true authors for me (Jay & Pierce) that were basically guaranteed 5 stars before I ever picked them up. And even A.G. Howard was a high probability since I loved Splintered.

5 star Re-reads

Again, just like last year, re-reading really worked out for me! I enjoyed diving back into some old favorites so much, I definitely want to continue doing it!

Almost 5 star reads


Here’s the ones that came super close, but fell just a tad short, so I gave them 4.5 stars instead!

5 star predictions from last year

Books I knew (or thought) would be 5 stars

…and most of them were (the Jay books, of course). Except Soul of the Sword. In a freaky twist, I was disappointed in a Julie book for the first time ever?? WHAT HAPPENED?! Did I jinx myself?! I’m so bummed, honestly. It’s the first book of hers I’ve ever read that has NOT been 5 stars.

Books I hoped would be 5 stars

  • Hades’ Daughter by Sara Douglass – still haven’t read
  • The Girl King by Mimi Yu – ★★
  • Stain by A.G. Howard – ★★★★★
  • The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson – ★★½
  • The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron – still haven’t read

Okay, so I sucked and didn’t read two and guessed wrong on two more lol. Womp womp. But Stain was amazing!

5 star predictions for 2020

It’s SO hard for me to predict which books I’m going to love, because I just never know. Sometimes I expect to love something, and don’t; sometimes I don’t think I’ll like something at all and I end up loving it. I have high hopes for these, though!

Books I know will be 5 stars

Jay never lets me down!

Books I hope will be 5 stars


How many 5 star reads did you have this year?

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