[2013 PnRC] January is for Vamps: Link Your Reviews!

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January’s feature: Vampires!

My vamp read for the month:
Alright, so maybe Twilight has made vamps a bit cliche. But there ARE good vampire books out there!
Here are my favorite vamp reads:
And let’s not forget my favorite vampire sidekicks!

Simon from the Mortal Instruments series. He may be dorky, but he’s totally loyal to Clary!



Jenna from the Hex Hall Trilogy. She’s so quirky and funny! We’d totally be biffles in real life! ;)
*You can link reviews to any books that count for the challenge, not just the vampire reads. But vampire books read this month will get you double entries in the giveaway!
Please note that this linky is for reviews ONLY. If you are signing up for the challenge, please use the linky in the sign up post.
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