Reading Slumps: I have PTBD

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on September 30, 2013 | 16 Comments

As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t have my usual Monday review today. Why? Because I have been in a horrific reading slump the past couple of weeks! :(

Ever since I finished Kinslayer, I’ve been suffering from PTBD – that is, Post Traumatic Book Disorder.

Post Traumatic Book Disorder is a serious disorder that can result in long periods of not reading, with side effects such as boredom and depression. You may have PTBD if:

  • You recently read a really epic book and now suffer from a book hangover
  • You are unimpressed with every other book you read because they just can’t compare
  • You reminisce about said book, even weeks after finishing it
  • You have the time to read, but just don’t feel like it
  • You sometimes sit and stare at a wall, rocking back and forth

If you think you have PTBD, you should seek help from your bookish community immediately. Suggested cures for PTBD include venting to bookish peeps, ranting on social media, and picking up an old favorite book to read.

So, reading slumps suck. Hardcore. It’s been NINE days since I’ve finished a book! I’ve DNFed two in that time, and the ones I have actually finished have been 3 stars or less. Sad, sad day. *stares at towering TBR wistfully* I’m falling very behind on everything again because I’m not reading my usual 1-2 books a week. I’ve been a very moody reader and haven’t felt like reading any of the books that I had planned to read. I’m really hoping Horror October next month will help with that!

How many of you have had this problem? How do you guys get through a reading slump?

Jessi (Geo)

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16 responses to “Reading Slumps: I have PTBD

  1. *GASPS* And even PAWN isn’t helping?! I totally know how you feel, it’s awesome to read a really good book that blows your mind to pieces but then finding another one that would come close to it is very difficult. Maybe taking a short break isn’t such a bad idea :) Or we can start writing creepy letters to Jay to make sure he knows exactly what he did to you :P Let me know how you want to proceed, I’ll keep my creeper kit ready :D

  2. I hardly have reading slumps, but I know that feeling after reading a very good book. All the other just doesn’t seem to be good enough. I think you need to find something good, so I went to check your ‘read shelf’ on Goodreads and I saw that you’ve read Cinder, but not yet Scarlet. I definitely recommend this one! :) Seeing you liked Cinder, I think you’ll love Scarlet :D Just an idea ;)

    • Yeah, I’ve had it forever and it’s still just sitting on my shelf >.< I've had so many other books I needed to read first, that I keep putting it off. I may have to pick it up very soon, thanks for the recommendation Mel! <3

  3. I so know how you feel! Ever since I finished reading You Are Mine, I can’t focus on reading anything else! I have trouble even concentrating on reading children’s books to my son. I think it’s partly that I really enjoyed the world of You Are Mine and really want to know what happens next and partly that I know I have a blogging break coming up and for some reason that makes me want to read even less what I HAVE to and more what I WANT to (which is to reread books I’ve already read). I’m really trying to push myself out of the slump but for some reason I just can’t do it. Hopefully you have better luck!

    • I hate the feeling of HAVING to read anything! It seems like I so rarely ever read the books I actually WANT to these days… :(
      Hopefully we can both pull out of it!

  4. THIS IS HORRIBLE. MY NATOR TWIN HAS THE NUMBER ONE BLOGGER DISEASE. I guess it’s a good thing that you love a book so much…but bad at the same time? Lol. Funny how these things work.

    Advice wise, I’d say, pick a book you’re DYING to read or re-read a book that you KNOW you’ll love again. Put all review copies aside for a little while, however behind this makes you. :D Just get the love of reading back.

    Read the Pacific Rim novel or something. Hehe. READ A HISTORICAL! Who knows, maybe you’ll discovered a hidden passion for the dead and gone. O.O That’s actually a morbid description of the genre.

    Of course, I’d recommend anything by Sanderson. HEHE. I’m reading Steelheart (his latest) and freaking loving it. The dude is a genius.

    ANYWAYSIES. All the love. You’ll get this.
    <33333 Inky

    • I should do that! Maybe I can finally read Venom. I have a big stack of horror books that I want to read for Horror October, but if none of those work then I think I’m going to pick up Mistborn, it’s time to try something epic ;)
      I’m dying to read Steelheart! It looks and sounds so good!!

  5. Ugh I feel you- I just got past a huge slump- I dnf 3 books and two more got 2 stars. It was ugly. Sometimes I read a book that is unlike what I normally read (non fiction, adult, contemporary etc) or I read a book that I bought for myself an never read (or re-read a favorite)

    Glad to hear Pawn is good!

  6. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads

    I don’t know how to fix it (but I love that you’ve give a book hangover a totally clinical name!) but I can offer assurance that it won’t last! I find that my slumps last for a bit, until I find just the right book to pull me out. And they usually seem to come after I’ve just finished a slew of books I HAD to read, and am facing more, so I take a break and read something I WANT to read instead. If that helps at all :P

    • Thanks! And yeah, I’ve been feeling kind of OBLIGATED to read certain things. I feel like I don’t have much time to read things I actually WANT to read anymore =/

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