Review: Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

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Review: Girl of Nightmares by Kendare BlakeGirl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
Series: Anna #2
Published by Tor Teen (8.7.2012)
Genres: Horror, Young Adult
Format: Hardcover, 332 pages
Source: Library
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3 Stars

It's been months since the ghost of Anna Korlov opened a door to Hell in her basement and disappeared into it, but ghost-hunter Cas Lowood can't move on.

His friends remind him that Anna sacrificed herself so that Cas could live—not walk around half dead. He knows they're right, but in Cas's eyes, no living girl he meets can compare to the dead girl he fell in love with.

Now he's seeing Anna everywhere: sometimes when he's asleep and sometimes in waking nightmares. But something is very wrong...these aren't just daydreams. Anna seems tortured, torn apart in new and ever more gruesome ways every time she appears.

Cas doesn't know what happened to Anna when she disappeared into Hell, but he knows she doesn't deserve whatever is happening to her now. Anna saved Cas more than once, and it's time for him to return the favor.

My thoughts

Caution: May contain spoilers for Anna Dressed in Blood
I’ve been seeing everyone rave about how amazing this book was, how it was even better than the first….but I was disappointed. It didn’t even come close to comparing to Anna (which I rated 4 stars).

There was a major disconnect from the story for me. I don’t exactly know why, but I couldn’t muster up any emotion at all. I didn’t care about the characters or what was happening. Honestly, I was pretty bored throughout most of the book. Don’t get me wrong, there were still creepy scenes thrown in. Cas kept seeing and hearing Anna even though she wasn’t really there, and those scenes were enough to keep me going. But other than that, there wasn’t much going on. I just didn’t feel the suspense that should have been there.

I wasn’t real impressed with the world building, either. Mainly when the setting came to Scotland. I was told that they were in Scotland, but it didn’t actually feel like it because I wasn’t shown. There was no description of the countryside, or its culture and traditions. It just seemed like any other place. I kept forgetting they were supposed to be in Scotland.

Things did finally get more interesting toward the end with the ritual and there’s a bit more action. The buildup kinda fizzled out for me, and I can’t say I was really satisfied with the end, but at least there was some closure.

Overall: It was still a good story. It still had its creepy parts. I just didn’t connect like I thought I would. =/

Overall Assessment

Plot: 3/5
Writing style: 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Characters: 3/5
World-building: 3/5
Pace: 3/5
Cover: 4/5
Overall rating: 3/5 starfish

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