Blogiversary Celebration, Day 3: The Blogging Community

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This post is dedicated to all the awesome people I’ve met and blogs I’ve discovered in the past year!
So the first blog I need to mention is Makeshift Bookmark because it was the very first blog I ever stumbled upon. If it weren’t for Jen’s blog, I may have never become a book blogger myself. I was searching for a picture of a book (in the days before I knew what Goodreads was) and stumbled on a picture from one of her mailbox posts. And I was like, oooohhh, what is this?! Upon clicking I found her fabulous blog (and back then blogging was foreign to me, too) and discovered what an ARC was – because I didn’t know THOSE existed, either! I found one of her reviews and totally LOVED it (because it was full of snark and hilarity, which is why I’m still a loyal follower after a year)!
The rest, my friends, is history. And here I am today!
Top 3 blogs/bloggers that inspire me
One of the nicest bloggers I’ve ever talked to, and very helpful if you have questions. Her blog is AMAZING and even though she’s only been blogging a couple of months longer than me, her success is through the roof! Did I mention she has her own web design page? (something I would LOVE to do) Or that she’s also now hosting blog tours? She’s overflowing with awesomesauce!
They’re ballsy and speak their mind no matter what (and if you didn’t know by now, rant reviews are my FAVE). I love reading their posts because of their snark and fabulous sense of humor. Their author interviews are always outrageous and adventurous, and I love their review wars! When I need a laugh, that’s where I go. :)
Another that does web design on the side, and it always looks fantastic! Her reviews are very informative and she has no problem being up-front in her opinion. 
Bloggy friends
I’ve met SO many wonderful people in the bookish community that I don’t think I could possibly name them all. But here are some of the ones that I want to show some major appreciation for; those that I’ve made a connection with in some way, talk to regularly (whether it be on twitter, blog comments, or otherwise), or are regular commenters on ASR:
A couple others I want to mention that don’t have a blog (or not one I can find anyway) but are regular commenters:
  • Stephanie Huff
  • Ligeia Ahgony
If I am forgetting anyone, I’M SO SORRY. I have an awful memory! Just give me a shout out (or shout AT) and I’ll add your name :)
Favorite blogs
(aside from all of the ones mentioned above)


While I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to many of them, there have been some who have responded on Twitter or email, done an interview, or acknowledged a review, and to have that honor gives me some major warm fuzzies! To name a few of them:
  • Ingrid Paulson (Valkyrie Rising)
  • Julie Kagawa (Iron Fey)
  • Kathleen Peacock (Hemlock)
  • Cidney Swanson (Rippler)
  • Karsten Knight (Wildefire)
  • Yasmine Galenorn (Sisters of the Otherworld)
Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. I know, it’s a depressingly small list. Like I said, I haven’t talked to many…which is something I need to work on in the next year!
Jessi (Geo)

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15 responses to “Blogiversary Celebration, Day 3: The Blogging Community

  1. Aww thanks, love muffin! I <3 your blog and you're amazing, too!! And not just because it's pink and it totally matches with mine! ;)

    Happy blogoversary, chickie!!

  2. Thanks for including me in your bloggy friends list! And Happy Blogiversary to you! I’m glad that we’ve “met” each other and bonded online too =) Sending you big hugs from Canada! xoxo

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Again Happy Blogiversary! I came across your blog this summer when my best friend finally got me to start following book blogs. She is also trying to get me to start one of my own, but the time and funds just aren’t there right now.

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