Review: Seizure by Kathy Reichs

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Review: Seizure by Kathy ReichsSeizure by Kathy Reichs
Series: Virals #2
Published by Razorbill (10.18.2011)
Genres: Fantasy, Thriller, Young Adult
Format: Hardcover, 491 pages
Source: Library
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4.5 Stars

Ever since Tory Brennan and her friends rescued Cooper, a kidnapped wolf pup with a rare strain of canine parvovirus, they've turned from regular kids into a crime-solving pack. But now the very place that brought them together - the Loggerhead Island Research Institute - is out of funding and will have to shut down. That is, unless the Virals can figure out a way to save it.

So when Tory learns of an old Charleston legend about a famous she-pirate, Anne Bonney, whose fortune was never found, she can't believe her luck - buried treasure is exactly what she needs to save the Institute on Loggerhead! Trouble is, she and her friends aren't the only ones looking for it. And this time, the Virals' special powers may not be enough to dig them out of trouble ...

My thoughts

I have to admit, I didn’t read the synopsis before I started this. So, when the very first chapter was about pirates, I was a bit confused (albeit intrigued). My thought was, What does this have to do with a group of teenagers? But soon I found out – when Tory discovers the legend of Anne Bonny. From there on this book was a riveting mixture of adventure, danger, and excitement. I loved it!
The Virals bite off more than they can chew when they begin their journey to find Anne Bonny’s loot. Soon they have gunmen on their tail trying to reach the treasure first, at any cost. The stakes get higher as each clue unfolds.
This book was basically National Treasure with a group of teens. Lots of misleading clues, dead ends, and booby traps. Then throw in the added interest of the ‘flaring’ ability – that’s what the group calls their ability to tap into their virus-induced wolf senses – and this book was irresistible. I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation, frantically flipping through page after page for the majority of this book.
Reichs has a remarkable ability as a writer to make anything real and convincing. While the idea of a treasure map to lost pirate booty is a bit cliche and far-fetched, she definitely sold it. I felt like I was right in the story at every twist and turn. A great example is the water tunnel scene. Watching movies like that always makes me feel short of breath because I’m actually watching them, but I never thought a book could do the same.
“I don’t wanna (listen)! You’ll start talking, and pretty soon we’ll all start nodding, and then the next thing you know, I’m hang gliding off the Eiffel Tower at midnight, being chased by ninja vampires!”
Seriously, Tory has that ability. She is definitely the alpha. She’s smart, kick-ass, and keeps the pack together when they need it most. I was very pleased with her role as the female protagonist.
This book is a great read (even if you haven’t read the first one, it would be great by itself). I didn’t have even one single complaint about anything in all 500 pages of this book. Reichs is a brilliant author for sure!
Plot: 4/5
While I love treasure maps and pirates, it isn’t all that original. But still, this story sells.
Writing Style: 5/5
Can bring the story to life and adds some humor.
Characters: 5/5
Real and convincing. I was really able to get a feel for each individual character.
Pace: 5/5
Never boring!
Cover: 4/5
Overall rating: 4.5/5 starfish
Jessi (Geo)

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