Top Ten Tuesday: Romances That I Actually Enjoyed

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on February 11, 2020 | 5 Comments

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Today’s topic is a romance freebie, and I totally almost called this post “Romances That My Picky Ass Actually Enjoyed” but it seemed inappropriate for the actual title lmao. BUT IT’S TRUE! Ya’ll should know by now that I pretty much hate romance. I rarely ever enjoy it, as it typically has to be done a certain way for me to get onboard.

Enemies to lovers

MY FAVORITE TROPE IN THE WORLD. This is almost a guarantee to get me onboard with the romance. I just love it okay?!

  • Zero Repeat Forever – This is probably my all time favorite romance. It’s just so fucking beautiful. It leans toward Stockholm Syndrome, but it’s very well done and takes the entire book to culminate. LOVE.
  • Flame in the Mist – Okami’s reaction to Mariko being a girl. I JUST CAN’T.
  • The Immortal Highlander – I’ve re-read this one a couple times and it never gets old! So sexy!
  • Perfect Chemistry – One of the only actual contemporary romances I’ve ever truly loved!

Slow Burn

love slow burn romances! It’s also closely linked with enemies to lovers, because those usually take the whole book to develop. Sorcery and WHtF both kind of fit under enemies to lovers too!

  • Strange the Dreamer – Lazlo and Sarai are just beautiful together!
  • Sorcery of Thorns – So, I was intrigued by Nathaniel from the start, even when he seemed like he might be a villain, oops.
  • We Hunt the Flame – I was about ready to combust by the time they finally kissed! Or, you know, to strangle Altair because he kept breaking them up *rolls eyes*

Diverse Romance

I’m just as picky about my diverse romance as I am my regular. I can’t usually relate to M/M romances, because, being I’m female, I have no part in either side of the romance and can’t insert myself into it. F/F I’m picky about, but can relate to sometimes – I’m straight and happily taken by my boyfriend, but hey I had my fun back in the day (jesus that phrase makes me sound old but my 20’s feels like a loooong time ago DON’T JUDGE ME). Here’s a few that really rocked the diverse romance game:

  • Nevernight – Dude, Team Ash all the way. I know Tric was done dirty, and a lot of people hate Ashlinn, but I think she’s perfect for Mia and I love them together!
  • Girls of Paper and Fire – I love Wren, and the romance is just so sweet!
  • Call Down the Hawk – I fucking love Ronan and Adam together!! They’re perfect. I appreciated them even more in the newest book!

What are some of your favorite romances? Are there any romance tropes you love (or hate)?

Jessi (Geo)

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5 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Romances That I Actually Enjoyed

  1. Love your picks! Honestly, I would have laughed so much if that was the title you’d gone with. I RELATE. Also, so many of these romances are truly a gift from cupid. Or whatever the literary equivalent of cupid is. Thanks for sharing!

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