Books I Wish I’d DNFed

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on January 10, 2019 | 5 Comments

If you know me at all, you know I’m a ruthless DNFer. When I’m not enjoying a book, I rarely stick around for very long unless I have a reason to (usually hype, or a friend rec that I trust). I talked about the reasons that I DNF in this post!

Here’s a few books that I miraculously didn’t DNF, despite not enjoying them at all. I held out hope that they’d get better (probably due to the hype, or friend saying they do)…and they didn’t.


These are all books that I ended up feeling total apathy toward – or outright hating – in the end because I forced myself through. (The funny part is, most of these were suuuper popular books. Further proof that I am a black sheep oops)

Do you DNF books? Are there any you wish you had DNFed?

Jessi (Geo)

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5 responses to “Books I Wish I’d DNFed

  1. I’m terrible at continuing with books even when I’m really not enjoying them. Its one of my goals this year to DNF more books if I’m not feeling it. There are so many great books out there …and not enough time to read them, why waste that time reading something I’m not enjoying :)

  2. I definitely have no problem DNFing and rarely do I continue reading a book that I don’t enjoy reading. I think there are…maybe 3 books that I regret not DNFing. Out of the ones you mentioned, I’ve read and enjoyed three of them, though looking back I definitely don’t think I’d enjoy ACOTAR at a second read as much as I did the first time, just because I know what happens in the next book nad I’d have a completely different reading experience.

  3. Sydney

    What didn’t you like about Ruined? I loved it so much. But I can see how others wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

  4. I don’t DNF very often. Usually, when I do, I DNF because it is hard to tell whether there’s a story in there somewhere or if it’s just episodes of graphic sex.

  5. Gel

    I was a ruthless DNFer before too I don’t know what changed in me but I’m now finding it hard to DNF books. I wish I was like before! By the way I also wished I just DNFed Red Queen.

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