Books That Made Me Ugly Cry (I May Be a Closet Masochist?)

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I have a whole shelf on Goodreads dedicated to books that made me cry, but I also count ones that only made me shed a tear or two in addition to the ones that made me feel like my soul was being ripped from my body. Those are the ones I want to highlight in this post – the books that made me ugly cry.

You know, the sobbing, snotting, can’t-breathe-feeling-of-despair crying. That doesn’t happen very often for me, and I may secretly be a masochist because I LOVE books that do that to me! It forges an emotional connection so strong that I never forget that book. These are all 4 or 5 star books!

Side note: Animal deaths almost ALWAYS make me ugly cry. Those hit me the hardest!

Endsinger fucking destroyed me. I’ve never had a book get to me like that. It’s so bad that I can’t even think too hard about it without tearing up again! There’s this song by M83, Starwaves (from the Oblivion soundtrack), that was playing while I was reading the scene that ripped my heart and soul out; and now every time I hear that song I cry because my brain associates it with that scene. Not even kidding.

Kinslayer was pretty bad in its own right, as well. I actually had to put the book down for a little while before I could continue!

Dude, the ending of Golden Son was rough. I think Dark Age fucked me up the most, though – not only was there a scene similar to the end of Golden Son, but the death of someone that I had become very attached to destroyed me! It was so much worse on audio because I adore that narrator. And I think everyone knows which death in Morning Star messed me up hard!

Let’s be honest, I cried through almost the whole last quarter of the book. But there was one part in particular that made me ugly cry because I totally wasn’t expecting it! View Spoiler »

The first Warriors series was definitely the most rough! It was BRUTAL. Like Game of Thrones with cats omg. The last three books in the series fucked me up so bad!

Most of the rest of the Warriors series following the original set disappointed me, and the brutality that I loved about the first set was gone from most of the rest books, except these two. There was a particular death of a beloved character in Twilight that messed me up, and in Last Hope I feel like they saved ALL of the lacking death and brutality from all the other books for the last book -__-

Here’s a few more! Dobby’s death in Deathly Hallows really messed me up. Titans was kind of bittersweet, but got to me just the same! And Female of the Species surprised the shit out of me, it came out of nowhere and broadsided me! Totally unexpected!

What books made YOU ugly cry? Rec me some books that will destroy me!

Jessi (Geo)

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