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Okay, so remember last week when I did the Taylor Swift book tag (cringes), and joked that the concept was cool, but it’d be better if it was Avenged? Well, I started pondering their song names and realized it wouldn’t be all that hard to come up with. So, here it is…a book tag for people like me, who like their music a little stronger!

a7x book tag 3

Inspired by the Taylor Swift book tag, originally posted by The Book Life

The songs:

  • Nightmare – your favorite horror book
  • A Little Piece of Heaven – a book you have a love/hate relationship with
  • Not Ready to Die– a series you don’t want to end
  • Burn it Down – a book you hated that everyone else loved
  • Hail to the King – your favorite author
  • The Wicked End – a book with a killer cliffhanger
  • Seize the Day – a book that made you thankful for your life
  • Until the End – your favorite BFFs
  • Danger Line – a book with a lot of action
  • City of Evil – your favorite dystopian
  • Shattered by Broken Dreams – a book that crushed your soul
  • Darkness Surrounding – a book with a dark MC or antihero


 My picks

1 nightmare

Holy wow, this book rocked! This is the only horror that I genuinely loved, all the way through. The only other horror I’ve ever truly liked was The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey, and even that had some rocky spots due to being Historical and sounding like a dictionary.


divider 2 little piece

Man. THAT COVER. It seriously kills me that I didn’t like it. Especially since I was loving it in the beginning!



3 not ready to die

As I write this post, I’m in the middle of In the Afterlight. I DON’T WANT TO FINISH IT. 1) I’m scared of how it will end, and 2) I love this series sooo  much!


4 burn it down

I despised this book. I wanted to set this book on fire. I seriously can’t understand why everyone loved this so much…it has a 4.11 average Goodreads rating, for crying out loud! Every time I see another glowing review for this book, I want to spoon my eyes out.



5 hail to the king

Julie Kagawa! (My favorite YA author, anyway. Favorite Adult author is Karen Marie Moning)



6 wicked end

To this day, I have yet to read a cliffhanger that was as awful and panic-inducing as this one was. (Not to mention I had to wait an entire YEAR to find out what happened!!)



7 seize the day

This book is so beautiful! It really made me reflect on the things I have.



8 until the end

Yukiko and Buruu are and will forever be my favorite friendship! Their bond is so freaking beautiful!



9 danger line

Pirates and treasure maps and booby traps, oh my!



10 city of evil

Hands down, no other dystopian will ever compare.



11 broken dreams

Yep. Like a grape. I still haven’t recovered…



12 darkness

Adelina is so wonderfully dark! I love it!



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8 responses to “The Avenged Sevenfold Book Tag

  1. Ashley

    This is the best thing I’ve seen in days. I was tagged a long time ago to do the Taylor one and I cannot stand her so I just cannot bring myself to do it. I may do this one.

  2. evoletyvaine

    This is why I love being a writer…because song titles can inspire book titles. Which is why I plan to do a anthology of short stories based off of song titles.

  3. Haha I like your idea of this tag! I can’t believe you didn’t like A Thousand Pieces of You DD: I loved that book! Regardless, yes the cover is amazing. And the sequel one is as well. I have the book Iron King but haven’t read it yet… so I should really get on to doing so! I wasn’t such a huge fan of the Hunger Games though…

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