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[Jessi] Hello loverlies! We’re here today to talk about our reviewing processes!

[Inky] Thanks so much to Lisseth from Read-A-Holicz for submitting this topic! Let’s get this party started!

The Reviewing Process

So Nator Twin, is there a specific way that you review books?

Well, for me, there definitely is. I have to take notes when I’m reading, otherwise I forget everything. When I keep track of my thoughts, I feel like I have more in depth and accurate reviews. Plus, I like to use quotes to back my claims!

And we all know how famous your quotes are for making me want to read or not a book. (If you didn’t, now you do).

(I didn’t know. Thank you for the enlightenment!) I used to read a book, then make up my post and write my review as soon as I finished. Then I started getting really bad at reviewing things as soon as I was done, letting them pile up until I had 4 or more reviews I still needed to write. As a result, my reviews got more and more vague! Then recently I adopted Ashley’s way of reviewing: To draft the post before I start reading the book so that all I have to do is type up my review when I’m done. It’s SO much easier!

Gotta love smart blogging methods! I should probably learn from you two but that probably won’t happen =]

Hee hee to each his own! I also like to keep at least 2 week’s worth of posts scheduled. I used to pretty much wait until the day before to type a review post, and it became so stressful to do everything last minute that I had to resort to scheduling. Then I know I’m good for a couple weeks and I can take my sweet time typing the next post. I feel much less pressure!

I like your process. Unfortunately I really can’t say that I have one. Ha. When it comes to reviews I’m really unpredictable. First I read the book. A very crucial element of this process, wouldn’t ya say? Since I don’t put quotes in my review I only take notes if I have issues or small things I want to remember. Because I include a content review I usually keep note of that as well.

I like to use the Evernote app on my kindle. It makes me feel snazzy and professional, when in reality..I’m not.

I love Evernote!

Once I’m done with the book I usually sit and try to figure out what I think about it. I’ll either add to my written notes or make a mental list. Then I visit Goodreads and give the book a rating and long with a quick one-liner review before going to the blog. It messes everything up if I don’t establish this base. Once I’m at the blog I open a new post and set up the title so if I have to come back later I can find it. It does double duty when it sits there bugging me in draft form.

This happens a lot.

Same here! I don’t like to wait too long because the draft annoys me.

As for writing up a post it really varies. Usually I start by adding any notes I’ve written down onto the post. Any thoughts/feelings or points I also want to address go there. This is a big help especially if I can’t write the review just then. As for formatting vs. actually writing the review, the order changes all the time. Story of my Blogger Life. In some cases I just have to write my thoughts out right then, and I format everything else later. Sometimes I start with “everything else” and then right my review. I really have no set guidelines. Generally though, I have found that doing “everything else” first keeps my brain in line and connected to the muses of Bloggerdom.

That’s a long process! Do you do any kind of scheduling, Nator Twinsies?  

Scheduling wise, it goes up in the next available slot. I try to schedule at least a few days ahead. It all depends on how much is scheduled already. If I’m doing really well it’ll go up the next week. Two weeks is a blessing from the gods. Making my nator twin a heavenly being or something. What does this say about me? I don’t know. I’ll be honest, sometimes I even schedule it the day before.

That’s okay, I used to do everything the day before too. Yay for procrastination! *fist bump*

*fist bump* Please Note: I DO have a blogging calendar. I put all my blog tours on it so I can be ahead of the game, assuming all goes well. I don’t put reviews down like Jessi does but I DO use it. There, now you won’t think of me like I’m the most discombobulated blogger on the planet. Which I might be. This is seriously like a big “I’m Not Lame” campaign.

At least you keep track of something! You’re not discombobulated! (Your discombobulation is my combobulation ;D)   

Haha so that’s how we do it! I think Jessi wins the “Most Organized Nator Award”. Yay Jessi. I really need to get my lazy butt into shape with this whole scheduling thing.

*takes a bow* I try! I was lazy for the first year of my blogging life and it just got too stressful to do everything last minute!

May I learn from your experience so I don’t have to go through with it. Hehe. Anyway,  thanks for stopping by! Below you can find a lovely little overview of our entire systems. Jessi gets the idea credit. Go Jessi!


Inky’s Process:

  1. Read book
  2. Take notes
  3. Establish thoughts on Goodreads
  4. Create blog post
  5. (In post) Make a ist of thoughts/notes/feels to address
  6. Format post
  7. Write review
  8. Schedule to post on next open date
  9. Get excited I’m finished
  10. Start all over again

[Inky] Occasionally 6 & 7 like to act naughty and switch places for fun. It creates dramatic tension. *eyebrow wiggle*

You know, if you switched to WordPress you could get the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin and you wouldn’t have to format your posts anymore ;p

Jessi’s Process:

  1. Draft review post, set up all info in UBB
  2. Read book
  3. Take notes while reading
  4. (In post) Outline main points I want to discuss as soon as I finish book
  5. Write full review when I have time
  6. Schedule 2 weeks in advance (hopefully)
  7. Write reviews in planner
  8. Add review to Goodreads (or write summary if it’s not out for a while)

Let us know what your system is in the comments below! And don’t forget to submit a suggestion for what you’d like us to talk about!   

See Inky’s post HERE!


Anything you’d like us to discuss? Submit a topic!

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Jessi (Geo)

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7 responses to “Nators Discuss: Reviewing Process

  1. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads

    These posts are so much fun! I didn’t used to have a review process; I’d just finish a book, jump onto my blog, scribble out a review and hit post! I’d do up my Top Ten Tuesday posts ON TUESDAY too. Now, I’m definitely a scheduler — I used to be only a week or so in advance, but now that I have my little guy taking up so much of my free time, I try to get as much blogging done in my down time as I can (when I’m not reading that is!) and I have a month of regularly scheduled posts (like TTT) and reviews for review books up. Then I can just throw my own reads in here and there, whenever there’s a quiet moment. This has made blogging WAY less stressful. Oh! And I recently started doing what Jessi does — drafting my review before I finish the book, and this has been SUPER helpful. I love that I can just pop online if I have a few minutes once I’m finished the book and draft up a review. Plus, like Inky, the “draft” post sitting there reminds me that I need to hurry up and finish the book already!

    (Whoops, didn’t intend for this to be nearly as long as it is!)

    • Scheduling makes things SO much easier! That’s what I do, too, I plan out the dates for my ‘for review’ book reviews and fill the gaps with books I want to read. It works pretty well, when I don’t procrastinate ;)

      Thanks for the input! <3

  2. Great way to do your reviews.

    I write mine as I go along and then edit when I am done with the book. That way it is pretty much completed when the book is, and I can get my post up quickly and easily.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog

  3. Great post! My routine is mostly like Jessi’s. I draft the post, read the book, I occasionally take notes but I usually just highlight bits in my Kindle, then I sit down and right the review and schedule in advance, then I add it to Goodreads.

    And thanks for that UBB mention! :D <3

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