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My feature: Patricia @ Book Exhibitionism

Patricia is one of the bloggers I interact with the most, and I have come to see her as a blogging friend and someone that I thoroughly enjoy talking books with!
Hi, Patricia! *waves*

Thank you so much for having me!

Okay, here are my answers! :D

1. When did you start blogging?

I’ve been blogging since I was 14 or 15 (so for 4-5 years) but back then it was more the usual angsty teenager-stuff. (minus Avril Lavigne-soundtrack!) It took me some time to start blogging about books exclusively.. I think in Feb/Mar ’11 I started bookblogging in German, then in June ’11 in English. :)

2. What is your favorite part of book blogging?

The WordPress plugins. No, just kidding. ;D Tough question, though. I love interacting with other bloggers, so leaving comments, bloghopping, sharing and receiving the love.. Yeah, definitely that. But I also love the normal stuff, like thinking about books and how to review them, or just playing around the stylesheet etc. :)

3. What is your favorite book (or books)?

I don’t really have favorite books.. You know how some (or all? I think only some particular groups of) buddhists say that at no point in life can you remain the same person? Like.. you constantly change, every second? Right now I’d say Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya, but tomorrow I might say The Little Prince and yesterday I woulda sworn it was the Harry Potter series. *sheepish grin* Sorry!

4. What has been the best thing to happen to you because of blogging?

Meeting other people. I was in a dark place when I started blogging because due to some health issues I had kind of isolated myself from a big part of.. well, of everything, but I started, you know.. to socialize again, because of the experiences I made on-line. Most bookbloggers I met are really warm and it’s just epic to be part of that and to talk to ‘strangers’ on a regular basis without feeling like a creep. ;D

Also, Nalini Singh recorded a message for me when she was in Berlin last week. I had a major author-crush nosebleed :’D (even though I was totally embarrassed. A friend told Nalini that I’m in lurve with her voice and accent and.. argh! >/////<)

Many thanks for Patricia for being here today (well, sort of)!! Don’t forget to check out her awesometastical blog, my loverlies!
And now, for the giveaway…
Up for grabs:
Your pick of my top 10 favorite books read so far this year!
*If the book is part of a series, you may substitute a different book in the same series.

Covers linked to my reviews.


1. As shipping is out of my own pocket, you must be a follower to enter. 
2. Because this is a Follow Friday, you must also follow my feature blog. 
3. Open to wherever the Book Depository ships for free. See the list of countries they ship to here.
4. Please read the Rafflecopter directions carefully. I do check them, and faked entries will be deleted.
5. After the giveaway is over, I will notify the winner by email and they will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.
Good luck!

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10 responses to “Follow Friday (22): #FF100 Giveaway Hop!

  1. Great feature! I love Patricia! Also very true about favorite books always changing. And so cool you got your favorite author to record you something. Very awesome. Thanks for the giveaway! Old follower of both your blogs.
    My FF

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