February 2012 monthly reading challenge

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Hosted by the group Young Adult Reads on Goodreads.


1. Read a book about love or that has a Happily Ever After
2. Read a book with a red cover

3. Read a book that has a pink cover
4. Read a book that has Love or Valentine in the title
5. Read a book that has a heart, flowers or candy on the cover
6. Read a book with a man and woman on the cover

7. Read a book with a couple embracing on the cover
8. Read a book that has a dark cover
9. Read a book that is inspiring or about over coming an obstacle
10. Read a book relate to Black History month
11. Read a book whose title starts with a L-for love; or H- for Heart/History; or V-for valentine

For this challenge you only need to read 5 books. Your goal is to read those 5 books by the end of the month. Just choose any 5 of the categories.
(I added in an extra for mine based on the top books of my TBR list)

My category picks are in bold. Here are the books I chose for said categories (in order):



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