2020 Goals & Resolutions

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I typically hate making New Year’s resolutions because it’s my belief that you should do so throughout the whole year, but I do still love them because it’s good motivation and something to look back on to see if I’ve accomplished my goals!


  1. Read more than last year. I really wanted to get to 100 books in 2019, but I didn’t even make it to 75. I’d love to get back to reading 100 books a year – I used to read that many, and at my peak I read almost 150 in one year. My ideal goal is 100, but I set my Goodreads goal at 75!
  2. Listen to more audiobooks. This year I listened to 10 audiobooks! All but one were re-reads. I’d really like to listen to more new audiobooks!
  3. Don’t accept/request review copies I won’t read. I’m usually pretty good about being extremely selective with these, but sometimes I have trouble saying no. I want to continue to avoid unnecessary obligations.
  4. Clean up existing review copies. I’d love to get to 100% on NetGalley and Edelweiss again!
  5. Venture outside my reading bubble. I fell into a very deep YA fantasy and sci-fi rut in 2019. I only read 2 contemporaries all year! While those two genres are my comfort zone (and my favorites), and I’m not a huge fan of contemp, I still want to branch out this year and read some contemporary. I also want to read more Adult High Fantasy, plus some novellas and an anthology or two!


  1. Blog more! I’ve been much better in 2019 about keeping up the blog than the past couple of years when I was trying to juggle full time bookstagram as well as the candle shop. Now that I’m not longer maintaining the candle shop or posting regularly on bookstagram, it should be easier to keep up here. I will probably never be back to full time like I used to be, but I’d love to be more active with it!
  2. Catch up on reviews. I am super behind on book reviews going into the new year. I’m 7 reviews behind, which is bad for me. I haven’t been that behind in a couple of years!
  3. Bring back some old blog events. I missed my opportunity to bring back the Sequel Challenge, again (honestly I’ll probably never bring it back), but I’d love to bring back one of the readathons I used to do, and Horror October as well!
  4. Be more consistent and active on bookstagram (when I feel like it). I’ve barely posted in the last three months. I quit all my rep gigs because I wasn’t posting, and honestly I got tired of the obligation. It was killing my desire to post at all. It was actually kind of nice to not HAVE to post – so, I didn’t. But now I miss it. I still don’t have the drive to take photos like I used to, but I’d like to post more often now that I don’t have to!
  5. Accept less obligations on bookstagram. I’ve actually been pretty good about this lately since I stopped posting, but I want to accept the bare minimum this year.
  6. Keep up with obligations. I want to keep strict track of the things I do accept, on here and bookstagram. I’ve made a sheet in my book blogging spreadsheet for accepted obligations so that I don’t forget about any. I have a terrible habit of accepting things and then forgetting about them.
  7. Get better at returning comments and interaction when I do post. I’ve been SO bad lately – I do read them, but I tend to get busy and forget to return them. And I don’t want people to feel like I don’t appreciate their comments, because I really do! The fact that anyone cares about what I have to say makes what I do worthwhile. I want to be more appreciative to that this year!


  1. Get back to my healthy lifestyle. In 2018 I had a serious overhaul of my lifestyle and started a journey to a healthier lifestyle. I did amazing for a year and a half – I lost 40 pounds, was active and fit, and ate healthy 90% of the time. I felt great, not only physically, but about myself. Then I got into a relationship and I got lazy and complacent. I stopped working out and stopped caring about what I was eating. I gained back about 8 pounds, which isn’t a whole lot, but I lost all the muscle I’d worked so hard for and gained at least several inches. I no longer feel good about myself. Over the holidays I’ve really eaten like crap and therefore I feel like crap. ALL THE TIME. I’m exhausted and sore constantly. My back pain has returned. I was doing so good, and getting a taste of being fit and smaller makes this so much worse. I’m done with feeling this way!! This year I am getting back on track!
  2. Lose 20 pounds. This goes with the last one. I have almost 10 pounds that I’ve gained in the past 6 months to lose (again), and another 10 pounds to go to get to my original goal weight.
  3. Save more money. I have some seriously terrible spending habits. I say this every year, but I really need to crack down on myself this year and quit spending so much. Having a bit of a cushion in savings would be amazing.
  4. Pay off 1 credit card. I’ve said this for several years too, and this year I want to try harder. Let’s face it, my credit card debt is embarrassing. I really want to start working toward getting rid of it.
  5. Stay organized. I usually use an Erin Condren planner, but this year I just can’t afford the $60+ that it costs, so I’m going to get a little cheap planner!

What are some of YOUR goals and resolutions for 2020?

Jessi (Geo)

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