Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Met

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The topic for this week is actually Top Ten Author’s I’d Love to Meet, but I’ve gone to so many bookish events and done a lot of traveling to bookish events, and I’ve met tons of authors, so I decided to do my own spin on the topic!

Top Ten authors I’ve met

  1. Jay Kristoff – This one is really special to me. Not only is he my favorite author (and also the writer of my all time fave series), but the second time I saw him he actually remembered me. Down to the shirt I had been wearing (Avenged Sevenfold)!!!! I almost dropped dead. The last time I saw him he remembered me too, and asked what I thought of Avenged’s new album – it’s amazing to me that he remembers that I’m a fan. Also he is H I L A R I O U S. Omfg he cracks me up! I have more fun at his panels with Amie than I’ve had at any other!
  2. Julie Kagawa – Julie is a very special author to me as well, because other than Jay she’s my favorite. I also talked to her on social media before I ever met her, so she knew who I was the first time we met! It was incredible! She is one of THE nicest people I’ve ever met and she is super gracious to her fans.
  3. Karen Marie Moning – This event was the biggest event I’ve ever been to for one author, so it’s one of the most memorable! There were hundreds of people, ticketed seats, and I stood in line for FIVE HOURS just to see her! There was a two book limit, but Karen was gracious enough to stay after the signing and sign every last one of the hardcore fans’ books (like me, with 26 books heh).
  4. Kristen Simmons – I absolutely ADORE Kristen! She’s local, and she’s been at so many events for other authors (and I’ve also been to almost every one of her events since the very beginning), so I’ve seen her countless times and she’s become a dear friend of mine! She is the sweetest!
  5. Amie Kaufman – While I don’t love her solo books as much as I love Jay’s, Amie definitely makes this list because like Jay, she’s freaking hilarious!! The two of them together have such amazing chemistry (but totally platonic, I assure you – both are married to other people) that they can captivate their audience.
  6. Laini Taylor – Laini is amazing!! I’ve seen her a couple times now and she is just so nice. Plus, she has awesome pink hair. We talked hair tips the first time we met because my hair was pink, too! The second time I gave her a couple of Strange the Dreamer candles and she said she was beside herself to see her names on a product.
  7. Mindee Arnett – Mindee is another local author, so I’ve seen her many many times. She is really down to earth, and has a great sense of humor, so I love her panels!
  8. Scott Reintgen – I met Scott last year at YALLfest and he was super nice! There was no one else in line after me, so we stood around and talked for ten minutes. He showed me the cover of Nyxia Unleashed long before the cover was ever revealed, so I felt pretty special ;D
  9. Sabaa Tahir – Sabaa is such a doll!!! She’s so elegant, but she’s funny in a self-depracating way in her panels. I gave her candles for AEitA!
  10. Maggie Stiefvater – Maggie is by far the best story teller in event panels out of all the authors I’ve seen. She always has some crazy and hilarious story to tell – she has really strange experiences to share. The last time I saw her she legit played the bagpipes! If you have a chance to go to one of her panels, GO. I promise you it will be an experience.

In the 5 1/2 years I’ve been attending events, I’ve gone to 30+ events and met nearly 80 authors. If you’re interested in seeing who I’ve met and where I’ve been, I have a compilation of all the events I’ve ever attended HERE!

Authors I’d still love to meet

Since I’ve basically met all of my favorites, there’s really only 5 left I still want to meet. I’ve got my author-meeting fantasies, of course; namely J.K. Rowling (who doesn’t?) and the author of my favorite Adult series – Sara Douglass – who has unfortunately passed away. So obviously both of those are impossible.

I also want to go to events for G.S. Prendergast and Emily Suvada, but I mostly just want signed copies of their books. I don’t really need to meet them.

Which brings my list to one person: Pierce Brown. I want to meet him SO. BAD!!! He’s my author white whale. I feel like he does a lot of touring in the UK and overseas (which is weird because I thought he was America based??) but rarely ever does anything here. The closest he’s ever come to me since I became a fan was Chicago, and that’s still 8 hours away. Sadly he was at an event at my local-ish bookstore for the release of Morning Star (January 2016), but it was before I started the series (March 2016) so I was totally oblivious. I missed him by TWO months! I was so upset when I found out. I’ve been waiting for him to come close again – maybe one day!

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